10 Creole Restaurants You Must Try

Creole food is simply a great cultural blend of delicious dishes that include a little French, African, Spanish, Irish, and more. If you have ever had Creole food, you know that the taste consistency, and even textures are a different delicacy that many people (especially southerners) enjoy. Creole creations are truly special and the style can be duplicated, but it cannot be replicated; meaning that many fancy restaurants and chefs may attempt to make a presentable copy and succeed (duplicate) but if they do not use the appropriate style and seasonings, it is not a replication. This is why we are providing you with a list of ten Creole restaurants you must try.

1. Dooky Chase’s,  New Orleans, LA


Book your reservations and enjoy some Creole creations!

2. Kenny B’s French Quarter Cafe, Hilton Head Island, SC


Get your Creole cravings here at Kenny B’s!

3. Hot & Soul, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Doesn’t this dish look delicious? 

4. Evangeline Cafe, Austin, TX


Enjoy this Creole dream, exclusively at Evangeline’s.

5. Herby K’s, Shreveport, LA


Get your Creole fresh today, down at Herby K’s!

6. Selena’s at Willow Lake Tavern, Louisville, KY


Sing like Selena during brunch, lunch, or dinner

7. Cajun Queen,  Charlotte, NC


Creole food, fit for a… QUEEN!

8. RT’s Restaurant, Alexandria, VA


You want that Creole, Cajun that will make you scream? Go book your reservations at RT’s.

9. Charlot’s Creole Cafe, Atlanta, GA


I bet Charlot’s would sure hit the spot.

10. Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, LA


Creole can be luxurious! Check out Commander’s Palace for proof.