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10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

At any HBCU formal traditions are a necessity when being a student. There are traditions that ranges from fashion to There are plenty of BSB fashion statements that has become a tradition. For instance, the outfit for formal events.

1.White dresses are a must have at any HBCU and should be on a BSB checklist for the annual founders day program.white-dress 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

2. Another tradition that is well-known at a HBCU is simply showing their school pride with the college paraphernalia. Take Alabama A&M University for example.famu-595x563 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

3. Black is also another essential color of clothing a BSB should store in their closet. A BSB can never go wrong with a black outfit for any HBCU formal 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

4.The other formal event many BSBs participate in is coronation. This is where the queen of the university is crown in a lavish gown towards the beginning of the school year.

Not only are there HBCU fashion, there is also events that has become a tradition among all HBCUs

coronation 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

5.  The first is cheerleading. At an HBCU cheerleading is consider a sport and many BSBs participate in to show their school pride and talents.cheerleader1-595x600 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

6. A step show is also an event that attracts every students is a HBCU tradition.

step 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

7. Pageants are also a major tradition for the BSBs at HBCUs. These pageants ranges from the crowning of class queens to Greek organization queens. queen-595x662 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

8. Another formal traditions at HBCUs are Greek letter organizations. The “Divine Nine” is what it is called at HBCUs.imagesHAU0HYRS 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

9. Bonfires are also an annual homecoming tradition that allows BSBs to interact and make more friends.

bonfire 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

10. Attending worship services during ones matriculation at a HBCU is always a tradition.chapel 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We LoveAll of these 10 formal traditions can be seen and participate in at almost any Historically Black College or University. So take advantage of all the things an HBCU has to offer and don’t let the traditions pass you by. For more information on HBCU traditions and black southern belles search the hashtag #BSB or #HBCUBelle on Instagram.

e95733cf4afbb83c5d7fb88c973839bc?s=100&d=mm&r=g 10 HBCU Formal Traditions We Love

Terrianna Mccullough

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