10 Items that Look Better with Monograms!

Over the years Monogramming has become very popular, especially in the South. Here are our top Monogrammed items we think that every Southern Belle should have! Here our 10 favorite from one of our favorite brands, Marleylilly!
10. Scarfs. Every southern Belle can’t go wrong when having a personalized warming neck scarf, especially in the fridged weather.
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9. Make-up bag. Being the fabulous ladythat you are, I’m pretty sure you have a make-up bag or a small bag that you keep some of your personals in, getting it monogrammed will give it that Black Southern Belle look.
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8. Hats. When living in the south the sun may get extremely bright at times. But a hat is always a big help of shade when fighting the southern sun. A monogrammed hat can enhance any look.
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7. Raincoats are also a popular item to get monogrammed. Even though it’s raining you can still show off the southern belle in you.
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6. To go along with your raincoat, why not get  your favorite rain boots monogrammed for those long rainy days, especially when living near the coast.
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5. With Fall and winter approaching brings a chilly breeze. A nice monogrammed fleece can make it warm and cozy but also cute for you on those chilly days.
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4. Coffee Mugs. For my office belles who keeps a nice warm cup of coffee throughout the day, you can’t go wrong with giving it your own personal touch.
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3. Water cups are always convieant and eco friendly. So quench your thirst in a southern Belle style with a monogrammed water cup.
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2. Lunch bags. When having to carrying lunch wheather if it’s to work or on a trip, a southern belle should never carry a boring lunch bag, monogram it to give it a more of a pop.
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1. The  top monogrammed item to have  is Luggage. When being a traveling and busy southern belle great luggage is always a plus. Especially at baggage claim, you will no longer have to worry about lost luggage.
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Kashaira Givens

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