10 Items To Pack In Your Travel Bag

It’s summer time, the season for travel! Are you planning a trip this summer and trying to prepare? Black Southern Belle is here to help with 10 Items to Pack in Your Travel Bag. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car, a travel bag is very important for a successful trip.

Your travel bag is the bag that is kept on your person while traveling to your vacation destination. While traveling you will have to take care of all your needs on the go. With these 10 items, you will get a great head start!

1 Travel Wallet

Choose the Right Travel Credit Card

A travel wallet is number one on this BSB list for a great reason. To protect your CASH, and most important to keep your AXA travel insurance documentation SAFE! Tourists and vacationers are targeted while having fun. Get a wallet that is small enough to fit in your bag, will keep your cash and cards secure, and still represents your southern style. 😉

2 Portable Charger

The Portable Phone Charger in Mint is a compact power backup for when you need it

Cellphones are one thing no one will be leaving at home on this vacation. Buy a portable charger for your travel bag and never let your phone die on the go. Photographed is a basic portable charger, surf the web for solar powered, highly creative, or even custom chargers before your next trip.

3 Earphones

Subtle and chic, the Happy Plugs In-Ear Rose Gold and White Marble Headphones are what your outfit needs! These fashionable in-ear earbuds feature a white cord, and comfortable matching earpieces with touches of marble and rose gold. Attached rose gold mic and remote. Works with all smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

This one is probably a given for most…. but a good pair of earphones. You can get your big headphones or your small earphones, they both work! Keep the peace with the people around you and let your music soothe you.

4 Water Bottle

Stay hydrated this summer!

Portable water bottles are a must for any trip for me… even to the grocery store. the freedom of refilling your bottle at any water fountain is a perk that I willingly pay for. Grab one of these gorgeous water bottles for your travel bag.

5 Snacks/Gum

Last week I returned from a trip of a lifetime. My fiancA� and I spent almost two weeks soaking up the beauty of South Africa. It was a such an incredible vacation that we're already plotting our return, if we're ever so lucky in the future. The only negative part was, well, the flight. I've been on 10- and even 12-hour flights before, but this was by far the longest I've endured. Book the nonstop from New York City's John F. Kennedy airport to Johannesburg's O. R. Tambo airport, like we did, ...

Pack some snacks alongside that water bottle. By bringing along these healthy treats not only are you saving your money on convenience store food (more like overpriced food), but your body will thank you by producing more energy for travel.

6 Mini Makeup Bag

Whata��s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

You may not be carrying a huge handbag around for this adventure, but no travel bag is complete without a mini makeup kit. Every black southern belle needs a small treat in her bag and this makeup pouch will do just the trick!

7 Insta Camera

#instantcamera #fuji For all of your camera & camcorder needs, please visit PopPopExchange.com...opening next week'

The 90s trend has come back with insta cameras. Taking selfies on your phone are no comparison to printing your memories out right then and there. This is optional, but I highly recommend you adding an insta camera to your travel bag this summer!

8 Travel Journal

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/472966299/writing-journal-spiral-notebook-bullet

What’s the point of having an insta camera if you’re going to lose all the pictures? Pack a travel journal along with the accessories to record your entire journey. Get creative and make your own travel journal to show off at your next BSB party.

9 Sunglasses

a?�i??i was a tree and you were a forest firea?�i?? @livylane

You can not leave you diva shades at home when traveling this season. Grab your favorite pair of shades to block the summer sun. Check out Black Southern Belle’s Vintage Summer Sunglasses for inspiration!

10 Comfy Socks!

Fuzzy Socks

Last but not least on this BSB travel list is for comfort. Grab your favorite comfy socks to make the long ride a little more bearable. I always travel with my fuzzy socks to keep warm and it helps me to sleep!

We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 Items to Pack in Your Travel Bag.

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