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10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU

When moving off from home to go to college a black southern belle tries to make their new home away from home comfortable and cozy. At many HBCUs you might notice different dorm room decorations and plenty of “do it yourself,” ideas. That’s why these ten stylish decorations and DIYs ideas will help add relaxation to your HBCU.

  1. This dorm room layout is a way a BSB at the HBCU, Voorhees College, would probably decorate to show her school pride. 1-room 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU2. another idea that a student could use in their HBCU dorm room. When you want to relax and watch movies on a handheld device, here’s a little 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU3. Another DIY a BSB can do to enhance their college dorm is a designed their own personal headboard. Dress it up and be different.IMG_0720 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU4. This layout is for a BSB at Alabama State University who wants to show her HBCU pride and add a touch of her favorite color, pale pink.IMG_0721-1-595x1300 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU5. The other look that is trending from various HBCUs are monogram letters. These letters are a must have for BSBs at HBCU’s. IMG_0722-595x793 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU6. This cozy room would most likley be owned by a black southern belle at Benedict College. contemporary-bedroom-595x456 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU7. To create more lighting,a quick and easy idea, a BSB can hang lights around the room to create the mood.IMG_0724 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU8. This chevron set paired with hot pink for an accent color is the best room for a BSB at NC A&T University. It shows Aggie pride and the simplicity of a female.IMG_0725-595x305 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU9. BSBs always  need a little privacy from their roommate and a good way to do that is to create a canopy bed. This is a little DIY project to sleep comfortable at your HBCU. IMG_0726-595x595 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU10. A BSB at Paine College would love this stylish set up for their college room. The different hues of purple keeps the room up to date and relaxing.                                                                                                                               IMG_0727 10 Stylish Rooms to Match Your HBCU All of these stylish rooms and decorations are trends that can be done at almost any HBCU by any Black Southern Belle. So vamp up your room and make it your own.Upload photos of your inspired room using the hashtags #blacksouthernbelle and #HBCUbelle on Instagram so we can see your stylish decor. 


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Terrianna Mccullough

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