10 Vintage HBCU Belle Photos


Vintage HBCU Belle style combines two traditional looks to bring forth a majestic, southern, original, vintage look that is hard to duplicate. These styles have tried to be replicated in todaya��s fashion and only a few actually succeed. Vintage looks are more quality, classier, older looks kind of like fine winea�� with vintage literally meaning, a�?of, relating to, or denoting wine of high quality.a�? On the other hand, southern looks happen to be fun and patterned, usually paired with hats. The style of an ordinary HBCU happens to be a combination of both vintage and southern, bring class, sass, and style to the table; along with adding flare to their hair, breaking rules when it comes to jewels, and always includes the hottest shoes. These ladies below did it best. (PicturesA�fromA�Pinterest and Tumblr)

Model, Sara Lou Harris of Bennett College in Greensboro, NC in the 1940s is pictured here fiercely wearing a high collared, sleek mermaid gown with a fringedA�waistline, a flared skirt and short flared sleeves. This gorgeous model knew that simplicity is key, and she puts full attention on her gown by posing with confidence and wearing stud earrings and very classic french roll as her hair style.A�


Scholar of Prairie View Normal and Independent College,A�Clara Belle Drisdale is captured here with a slight lean modeling her rugged styled dress accompanied by a single bangle bracelet andA�a choker of some sort, all while giving a smirk that comes off as innocently as can be.A�Clara

A Southern Belle by the name of Ezelle isA�photographed in a 1910 Fisk University Album gently resting on some sort of handle while in a classic, southern sunhat, a nice blouse and a straight skirt for school attendance.


It doesn’t get more vintage than this! Black college student Dorothy Bell anticipates her meal in a diner inA�Birmingham. She nonchalantly serves style by her dark, oval glasses, pressed hair, varsity sweater, dark high heels, and what appears to be a wooden or boxed purse. A�


Maidie Norman, notable alumni of Bennett College, grants us with a whole lot of grace and face in this satin gown with a diagonal neckline complimented by a crystal pendant and sash, along with beautiful draping earrings that perfectly blend with her soft curls. A�

Madie Norman

Phylicia Rashad, our favorite TV mom (Mrs. Huxtable) and notable alumni of Howard University, presents us with an alluring Afro, bold, beautiful eyes, and a very stylish plaid, wool, button-down sweater.A�Phylicia Rashad Hampton University

A young girl who attended what once was Black Mountain College is here posing in an outfit that always was, and always will be in style. Here, she sports a nicely creased collared shirt with rolled sleeves, paired with classic denim jeans. She rocks a bare face, bare ear, and a simple up-do; allowing you to see her youth, and exposing her drive for success.

Black Mountain College

These mature, young ladies of Howard University graces us with their bright smiles and beautiful style. They each wear the same article of clothing, but of different style and even with their differences, they still stand beautifully and harmoniously. These women wear flowing gowns, gloves, curls, pearls, and hats as if they are going to a special event. The lady on the left has longer gloves and more of a scoop neck gown, with a tie around her wait. Her hat is a regular sunhat. The lady in the middle wears short gloves, a lace hat, and a gown with a straight neckline and a floral corsage, complimented by what appears to be sheer sleeves. The lady to the right wears a sweetheart gown with a sheer covering over the top half, making a beautiful contrast of style and elegance, while her gloves are shorter and her hat is more of a head piece than a full hat.

Howard University

These spectacular women of Spelman College are proudly rocking their mohawk-ish hairstyles and French ruffle, collar, and button dresses, with some holding their huge hats in hand. Now these is Vintage HBCU Belle, hands down!

Spellman College

This Howard University English major by the name of Patricia Shaw is definitely displaying the ideal style of Black campus life in the late 40’s and early to mid 50’s. Her charming photo shows a pendant evident that she a is member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., resting on her lovely knit turtleneck sweater, tucked in her high-waist trousers wrapped with a thin belt for support. She is wearing stunning pearl jewelry and her hair is soft and wavy, flowing over her bare face.

Patricia Shaw, an English major at Howard University.





  1. August 7, 2016 / 3:44 am

    These photos reminds me of the time when style, grace and class was important – even while the struggle was real. The strength of our ancestors is not to be taken lightly and we as modern southern belles must continue to keep their spirit alive. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Gina Gunn
    August 8, 2016 / 12:27 pm

    OH my, these photos remind me of the photos of my mom when she was at Wiley College. She was Miss Wiley when she was there. The women had an elegant grace about themselves. It was a wonderful era.

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