10 Ways to Save On Your Summer Vacation

Are you ready for a BSB summer vacation and lots of fun in the sun? Summer vacation can really put a dent in your funds. Whether your are planning a road trip to the cabin or a fancy island getaway, it all adds up. Don’t throw away your hard earned money, save it! With a few quick and easy tips, you can save money and go on more trips!

The weather is hot, the kids are on summer vacation, and everyone is out having fun! Avoid missing out on your summer fun by using these 10 Ways to Save On Your Summer Vacation.

  1. Book Early: Book your summer trip as early as you possibly can. Checking flights and hotel bookings two months or more ahead and get the best deals. Although it may not be a huge difference, these savings will add up. Use early booking for your end of summer trips and for all the seasons to come.
  2. Download Travel Apps: There are thousands of apps created just for travel. Whether it is to book flights, hotels, or cars… There’s an app! There are so many apps that sometimes it can be hard to decide which are the best. Travel and Leisure published  The 50 Best New Travel Apps for 2017 to sort through those apps. Do your research and choose the best travel apps for your summer vacation. 
  3. No Airport Junk: Airlines today charge for everything from food to the restroom in some airports. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you make it through security. Pack snacks for the wait and the plane, to avoid paying even more during the flight. Do you have kids? Charge the tablet before you leave home and bring coloring books to keep them occupied. By bringing snacks and entertainment can save you a $20 bill or more that can be used when the flight lands!
  4. Plan a Group Trip: There’s no better way to save like planning a group trip. Splitting the costs with another family can save cash and give you a piece of mind with friends close. Renting condos, houses, and apartments from owners has become the newest trend and the cheaper alternative to hotels. Check out websites that present rentals straight from the owners. My personal favorite websites are Airbnb and VRBO.
  5. Make an Itinerary: Plan ahead and do your research. If your know where you’re going and when, projecting costs are much easier. Many events presale tickets and offer great deals that you will never know about… unless you plan ahead. Choosing the right restaurants and monuments to visit can save a lot of money.
  6. Visit the Local Grocery Store: Food is an essential part of life; Everybody has to eat! Food is one of the most expensive commodities bought on vacation. Eating out three meals a day can be very expensive and minibars are the worst. Visit the local grocery store and stock up on snacks and quick meals to make. This is a great way to save money and still enjoy local foods.
  7. Stay With a Friend: Reach out to family and friends that live in the area you are visiting. Staying with friends and family will save you a bunch of money and get a visit out the way in one trip. Accommodations can be one of the most expensive parts of a vacation and it is so hard to find a central location to stay in the summer. This is the perfect solution!
  8. Know Your Rewards Cards:  It is important to know what cards to use while on vacation. many cards offer rewards like cash back or zero fees for international travel. These rewards are the best for saving on summer vacations. Check out the best cards to use for travel here!
  9. Limit  Souvenirs: Why spend all your money on souvenirs that will end up broken and lost or forgotten after vacation ends? Don’t! Make of list of people that you want to bring a souvenir and choose a trinket to bring back to them. Take lots of pictures and videos to bring back as personal souvenirs to share your experiences.
  10. Walk!: We saved the best for last! This is the simplest tip and the absolute cheapest. Actually it’s FREE. Just walk! If you’re in an area in close proximity to the main attractions, save money on gas or public transportation by walking. Not only does it save you cash, but it’s a great way to sneak in exercise!

Amiya Thomas

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