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14 Fall Inspired Cakes to Try At Home

14 Fall Inspired Cakes to Try At Home

As the season changes, we know that our taste in food also changes. I’m pretty sure many of us can remember the smell of our mothers or grandmothers baking and as the aroma filled the house, the outside scenery seemed to match perfectly. From sweet lemon pound cakes in the spring to salted caramel cakes in the fall, our preference in dessert changes as quickly as day turns to night. But, this isn’t a bad thing ladies; we are just wanting to experience the enjoyment of food that each season has to offer.  With this being said, one can anticipate the fall desserts that are upcoming and one dessert place that is baking to match the season and even the holidays is no other than Caroline’s Cakes. 

Caroline’s Cake is known for their traditional Southern cakes with an astounding taste. As the season fluctuates so does Caroline’s Cakes flavors and this fall Caroline’s Cakes is giving Southern Belles their favorite fall flavors. From their 7 Layer Caramel Cake to their Hot Cocoa Cake, Caroline’s Cakes; located in Spartanburg, SC, is shipping around the world to fulfill our Southern desires. 

Fall Inspired Cakes 

7 Layers Cakes

Caroline’s Cakes offers five 7-layer fall favorite cakes for Southern families to enjoy. Each feeds about 14-20 people which is perfect for Holiday gathering. 


This is Caroline’s Cakes most popular layer cake by far! Super moist and filled with Caroline‘s famous “melt-in-your-mouth” Caramel icing, this cake is a must try for all Lowcountry dessert lovers.


Pumpkin is definitely the flavor of the season and this spice-infused buttercream cake is just what we need.

Salted Caramel

The simple touch of sea- salted takes this classic caramel cake to a new extreme. With a packet of sea salt in each package, any Southern Belle can sprinkle on the finishing touches.

Caroline Cakes also provides two more 7 layers cakes which includes the Caramel Apple Spice and the 7 Layer Bliss. Check them out below. Caramel Apple Spice7 Layer Bliss

4 Layers Cakes

Caroline’s Cakes offers many 4 layers cakes. However, the fall favorites are listed below. 

Hot Cocoa 

Filled with whipped icing and covered with hot cocoa infused buttercream, this will be the cake to warm up your holidays nights.

Red Velvet

As a popular flavor in our Southern community, we never can refuse a slice of red velvet cake and sweet cream cheese icing. 

Carrot Cake

Another classic in the South is Carrot Cake. This traditional cake will be a hit this holiday season and a great addition to any Southern meal. If wanting to try a twist on your traditional Carrot Cake, check out Caroline’s Carrot Caramel Delight.

Caroline’s Cakes also offers more fall fan favorites to include Montana Gold, Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Raspberry Delight, and Chocolate Cloud. If you are a chocolate lover then definitely check out these four flavors. 

Chocolate Mocha Chocolate Cloud

Cake Bites

Caroline’s Cakes even provides Pumpkin Spice and Smores cake bites for those Southern Belles, like myself, who enjoy a quick sweet snack.

Pumpkin Spice Cake Bites

Smores Cake Bites

Currently,  Caroline’s Cakes are serving seasonal specialties fit for the Month of October as well. With 3 Halloween inspired cakes, we are sure to have one of these at our upcoming Halloween event. Each cake is designed to fit the spirit of Halloween and provide us with traditional flavors that we already love. 

  • Halloween Caramel 
  • Halloween Caramel Apple Spice
  • Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Caramel 

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Caramel Apple Spice

Whether it is ordering a cake for your family or for a special event, Caroline’s Cakes will provide you with your favorite flavor in no time. Order today to share these home made desserts with the ones you love. 




Terrianna Mccullough

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