15 Useful Gifts College Graduates Need to Succeed

Graduation season is filled with graduates from pre-K to University level. Graduating from any stage of life is important, but graduating from college is the point where adulthood begins. Get your college graduate the perfect gift that will help them succeed in their paths. Here are 15 amazing gifts that college graduates actually need to prepare for the next step in life.

1. Money!

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Money is the #1 graduation gift that every graduate expects to see. It can be gifted in many unique ways that are both beautiful and practical. No graduate will say “No” to money!

2.  Books

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Reading daily can reduce stress and increase brain stimulation. Give recent college graduates the gift of knowledge with the top reads.

3. Expensive Feature Accessory

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When starting out in life, the one thing a graduate can’t splurge on is expensive accessories. Why not give it as a gift? An expensive watch or briefcase will stay nice longer and even make a great impression on future employers.

4. Stationary/Thank You Cards

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The art of a hand written thank you note is almost nonexistent. Give your graduate stationary to set them apart from the competition.

5. New Wardrobe

This is What You Should Wear to an Interview ... → Money:
Professional pieces are a great gift for graduates. They will appreciate the gift and have things to wear for interviews.

6. Update Laptop/Tablet

Gadgets Gone Glam | Tech Inspirations We Love @VergeCreative:
Professionals in every field have a portable laptop or tablet for on-the-go work. Make sure your graduate has the best devices needed for success.

7. Gym Membership

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With a busy new schedule and tight budget it can be hard to get to gym. A gym membership could be the perfect gift to keep your graduate happy: mind, body, and soul.

8. Gift Cards

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A gift card is one of the most common gifts for graduations. Give graduates gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, or even gas and groceries. The less money coming from their pockets, makes one happy graduate.

9. Webcam

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In a technology driven world, it is common for an interview to be via Skype or online hiring software. A webcam could definitely come in handy for a successful video interview.

10. Personalized Business Card Holder

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Personalized business cards and holders will become useful when trying to network. Portable or stationed, a business card holder is a smart and thoughtful.

11. Desk Organizer

DIY: desk organizer:
Before your graduate has to face the fate of a cluttered desk, get a simple or personalized desk organizer. There are so many unique organizers to chose from.

12. Recommendation Letter

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A recommendation letter is simple and free, but is one of the most valuable gifts that can be received. If you have connections that will help your graduate, give a written or LinkedIn recommendation to kick start their career.

13. Premium LinkedIn Account

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LinkedIn Premium Accounts are not often offered by students and rarely invested in by graduates. This gift will boost your graduate’s network and chances instantly.

14. Professional Photoshoot

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Hire a professional photographer to take professional headshots for your graduate.

15. Guide to Dinner Parties

Chalkboard Runner for a wine and cheese night.:
Dinner parties can be a way for beginning professional to make good impressions and build networks. Cookbooks with recipes for dinner and/or drinks will help with first impressions.





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