15 Vintage African American Prom Dress Pictures

Before you went/go shopping for that gorgeous new dress for prom, what do you do first? Get inspired from other fabulous BSBs of course! This prom season be unique and get inspired by the past. Vintage fashion paved the way for the newest 2017 designs. Get ahead of the trends or create your own.

Black Southern Belle foundA�15 Vintage African AmericanA�Prom Dresses.

  1. Prom Night, 1950s. @da'jharayhenriquez
    Look at these two beautiful ladies rocking their trends from the 1950s.
  2. My mom and dad on their Senior Prom 1963 Simon Gratz High School. Source: Ant Morse: Vintage African American Photography Facebook Page
    This vintage picture was shared by a BSB paying tribute to her parents’ at prom. This gorgeous yellow gown matched with the corsage is the picture perfect 1960s trend.
  3. Los Angeles Jefferson High School Prom King and Queen way way back in 1949 a�� at i??Thomas Jefferson Senior High.
    This prom queen and king had to be the highlight of the prom with this 1940s fashion.
  4. Small VINTAGE 70s PHOTO Young Black COUPLE Teen Gal & Guy w/ Afro PROM PORTRAIT
    This 1970s couple came to slay with their pastel color theme and her boho fashion dress that is bound to reemerge soon.
  5. My Mom prom 1962 *I think*
    Another BSB posted a gorgeous picture of her mother’s prom night. Her fancy fur and gown is a gorgeous trend from the 60s.
  6. 1971_Carolyn Morrison and Lee Wilks_junior prom in 1970
    This couple was too cool for school at their prom. From her date’s hairstyle to the sort and fun dress she is rocking, you know they were in high fashion at their prom.
  7. vintage african american prom - Google Search
    This vintage prom picture looks like a true memoir from the 70s. Her long flowing gown and his fresh tux, they represent the past well.
  8. Prom 1950's A�WaheedPhotoArchive, 2012
    This is a true prom throwback. This couple was dressed to impress in this black and white film.
  9. Everyday Life in the Past , 1950s prom
    This is trend that is definitely coming back sooner than later. Her gorgeous white and red halter top gown and matching red shoes embody the pin-up girl fashion.
  10. 30s prom - Google Search
    This couple seemed to be a great match, especially when it comes to the classy fashion their wearing.
  11. Prom 1975
    This is a flash back to the past, a true page from the 70s book of bell bottoms and afros.
  12. blackmagic
    This BSB knew she was prom royalty with dressed down in all white and letting her date bring the pop of color.
  13. Loomis Chaffee. Gathering in the Grubbs Quadrangle remains a much anticipated prom night tradition
    Her prom date couldn’t keep his eyes off of that beautifully made gown.
  14. circa 1970's
    This couple was beautiful in their matching mint green definitely bringing the 70’s flare with them.
  15. This 1962 Charles Williams image shows Brenda A. English, the first African American Rose Queen candidate. Williams and Harry Adams survived into the 1980s, and Guy Crowder died in 2011.
    We saved this lone BSB for last. Her gorgeous gown looks like it was made from a soft and silky fabric and she’s wearing a beautiful smile to match.

Amiya Thomas

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