18 African American Mother & Son Vintage Images

There is such a special relationship between a mother and a son. Today we are highlighting that relationship through a few of our favorite vintage images. We can’t get enough off all this cuteness as we showcaseA�18 African American Mother & Son Vintage Images, Be sure to share your favorite images with us on social media with the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

18 African American Mother & Son Vintage Images

This baby boy is too precious, these two look like they are having a great time.
Nothing like a mother and son hug after a busy day.
It is always more fun reading with your parents. We adore the library collection in the background.
This is one seriously stylish mother-son duo. Love their vintage fashion!
This is such a classic mother-son image. Will never go out of style!
This little one looks like he was making a fuss but this picture is still too precious.
This is one stylish matching mother & son pair! Love the bold colors in their look.
We love seeing reading time between mother and son!
Nothing like taking a photobooth shot with your son by your side.
Babies love bottles, especially their moms.
We adore this Victorian Style mother and son photo.
This is one stylish trio of mother and sons. Can’t get enough of their suits.
We adore baby Barry White and his mom in this image!
We love this trenchcoat trio. So much style and grace.
This mother and son trio are dressed to impress. Can’t get enough of this look.
We love this vintage image. Nothing like a classic hat on young man.
Moms love giving their baby boys snacks and we can’t disagree.
This image is too precious. We can’t get enough of this toddler.


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  1. spirit redeemed
    October 25, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    No. 8 is Dihann Carroll and Marc Copage from the 60s TV show “Julia”. Enjoyed watching this show as an 11-yr old back then.

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