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20 Patriotic Pictures of Black Women in the Military

20 Patriotic Pictures of Black Women in the Military

African American women outnumber the amount of any other race enlisting in the United States military. In 2011 an article addressed the amount of black women in the militarycompared to others. One third of the 167,000 women enlisted, were African American. It began with Cathay Williams, the first black woman to enlist in the US military. Despite the years of inequality and unfair treatment, black women still choose to fight for their country. To celebrate the thousands of Black mlitary belles, enjoy these 20 photos of Black military women from the past.

World War II- 1st African-American Nurses:
These 24 beautiful black belles were the first African American women to serve World War II.


US Navy WAVE Hospital Apprentices 2nd class R. Isaacs, K. Horton, and I. Patterson were the first African-Americans at the Hospital Corps School, Bethesda, Maryland, US, 2 Mar 1945.:
Three proud Black women join the United States Navy.


"Harriet M. West was the first Black woman major in the Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II (Only two ever existed). Once promoted to that rank and named an aide to WAC director Col. Oveta Culp Hobby, Ms. Waddy was able to take an active role in changing the status of "colored" women in the military. She became an advisor to the Army on racial issues".:
Lt. Colonel Harriet Waddy was one of the highest ranking black officers in the Women’s Army Corps.



After almost fourteen months overseas in England and France the Wacs pictured above were happy to be home. They arrived from France on Friday, March 8th and landed at Staten Island Terminal of the New York Port of Embarkation. They were among the last contingent of the 6888th Central Postal Directory to return from overseas. 3/13/46. ~:
The strong and beautiful soldiers were excited to return from France.


Soldier late 1950’s- early 60’s [Black Soldier Series] ©WaheedPhotoArchive, 2011:
Late 1950s, Early 1960s Black Soldier.

African American Union Cavalryman More:
One of the oldest pictures in history of Black US soldier.


On Dec. 21, 1944, the first two African-American Navy WAVES officers complete their training. Lt. (jg) Harriet Ida Pickens and Ens. Frances Wills posing at their quarters at Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School, Northampton, Massachusetts. (US National Archives):
Say cheese! Two Black US Naval officers photographed December 21, 1944.


Photo: Black Women’s Army Corps personnel, in uniform, sit around a piano at Camp McCoy circa the 1940s. Women have served in the military at Fort McCoy since the World War II-era. Fort McCoy is celebrating "A Century of Service" during 2009. (History Center Photo):
Women’s Army Corps gathered around the piano in uniform.


Staff Sergeant Milley Louise Dunn Veasey, 1944.:
Young Black Belle posing in her military uniform.



Women in the Military:
1970s photographs of Black belle leading drill team march.



Josephine Baker Aided the French Resistance and Received Medal of Honor. She was awarded two other medals for her bravery.:
The beautiful Josephine Baker photographed during her time as a soldier.


waacs.jpg (270×197):
Women’s Army Corps officers posing with grace and poise.


The first Black Women's Army Corps to go overseas during World War 2:
World War II soliders pose in Camp Shanks, New York before going overseas.



In 1941 the Army Nurse Corps began accepting African American Nurses.:
African American nurses in the Army Nurse Corps, creating history in World War II.


Women in the U.S. Army: On July 8, 1974, Reverend Alice M. Henderson became the first woman to officially serve in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. She was sworn in at U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) at Fort McPherson, GA and served in the military for 13 years. Women chaplains today serve in all capacities and are valued members of The U.S. Army and the Chaplain Corps.:
1970s Black military belle being honored by higher military officials.


Marva Louis, wife of world boxing champion Joe Louis, leads drills at Comiskey Park. V For Victory (photo by Borrie Kanter July 19, 1942):
US Black female soldiers line up in formation to march on a baseball field.


Matice Wright, the U.S. Navy's first black female naval flight officer, is seen when she was assigned to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron (VQ) 3.:
Matice Wright, recognized as the first US Black female Naval Flight Officer.


Caribbean Women in WW2 - Some of the Caribbean Women who served in the British Armed Forces in World War 2:
These Carribean soldiers helped break barriers in the WWII.


WAC Audrey Meyers circa 1944. She served as a medical technician at Halloran General Hospital in New York City from 1944-1945.:
This beautiful BSB served in the United States WAC in the mid 1940s.


Black Then Flash Black Photo: African American WACs, World War II | In a photo that we found on Black History Album , we see this great image called “African American WACs (U.S. Army), World War II” . This was taken in 1945 at Camp Shanks at the Transportation Corps staging area of the New York Port of Embarkation. In Commemoration of the African American men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.:
This is a recently recovered photo of a Black female soldier in Camp Shanks in New York. She paused her duty to show her beutiful spirit.




Amiya Thomas

1 Comment

  1. Nikki Makonnen
    May 29, 2017 / 1:09 pm

    Beautiful post.. I am so glad that you wrote this post. This article brings light to the faithful black women that rarely get any recognition for their sacrifices for our nation. And thank you once again for bringing light to this and your blog is a Godsend so that other black southern belles will be aware educated in the history our Brave women. Bless You Ms. M.

    Atlanta, Ga

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