20 Vintage African American Father Daughter Images We Love!

A Black Southern Belle loves being a Daddy’s Girl. From the moment we are born, A�we melt their hearts and they can’t help but spoil us. To honor this relationship, we are sharingA�20 Vintage African American Father Daughter Images We Love! Southern Dads are a Black Southern Belle daughter’s first love and we love showing that beautiful relationship. Take a look at theseA�20 Vintage African American Father Daughter Images We Love and remind yourself of your memories with your Dad!


1)Original Selfie: Who doesn’t love take a selfie with their dad, this picture is one of the originals.


2)A Dad with a Few Daughters is a patient man. These ladies look beyond precious with their dad in this vintage photo.

3)Nothing like a little front porch time with Dad. Especially when he lets you dress up and this trio of daughters are precious and Dad looks great with his top hat!

4)A doting father loves carrying his babies around even it requires him almost sitting on the ground. We love all the efforts dads take to spoiled their little Black Southern Belle.

5) Dads in the South love their cars with their traders policy car insurance and their daughters for sure. This picture so adorable and we love their little white dresses!


6)Dads will teach you many things in life and sometimes they even teach you how to walk. We adore this beautiful piece of art showing just that!


7)Dads even give us a sense of style sometime, this dapper Dad has made sure his daughter looks like a doll with her hat and gloves!


8)A southern dad always protects his daughter and this little girl is all bundled up to handle the weather thanks to her dad.


9) Nothing like a little playtime with dad. Thankfully no matter how old you are that doesn’t end.


10) Dads are always there to help you with your sweet tooth, especially after mom says no 🙂



11) A little laughter is good for the soul and there is nothing like laughing with your dad.


12)Dads can be so cool sometimes and they also help you get a better view on their shoulders or helping you sit on a fence.


13)Babies love spending time with dad and they always make sure their daughter is front and center!


14) You have to have a baby blanket and one of the most precious moments is your dad holding you in it.




15)Matching sun hats are too adorable especially when you are taking father daughter pictures! We love the southern heat but don’t want sunburn!

16) We all had a swing set growing up in the South and we all forced our dads to push on them. Such great memories!

17)This chubby baby is too precious and this Dad is making sure to keep her safe and sound while she sleeps.

18)Sometimes daughters get dressed up with our dads but no matter how dressed up he is, he always lets his daughter sit on his lap when she gets tired.


19) Fast food in moderation is always key but it tastes even better when it is a Daddy Daughter date.

20) This is a beautiful portrait of a father and daughter. Nothing like an heirloom photo to add to the collection of cherished memories.

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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