3 Reasons to Love Monograms from Jill Mckenzie

No one loves monograms quite like a Black Southern Belle. We have them in our homes, on our clothes and even on our babies. If you already don’t love them, Jill Mckenzie of Steve Mckenzie’s is giving you three reasons and three classes to get you started on your monogram obsession. Trust us you won’t want to miss out!

1)Monograms add a personal touch to everything.  

2) They add a bit about who you are, in a subtle way, by way of the font, the color and the embellishment you choose.
3) Monograms exist because of tradition as they are passed down through the generations, reminding us of those who loved it before us, in their home.  Everything from jewelry to bedding to handkerchiefs are/can be monogrammed, adding a layer of richness to a family’s story.
If you love monograms and want to get some personalized help for an HBCU graduation or sorority, check out these classes from Steve Mckenzie’s and Hibiscus Linens

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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