3 Tips for Preparing for a Birthday Shoot 

Planning to celebrate your birthday? Why not add a fun photoshoot? Not sure about what you want to do during your birthday shoot. We are here to help. With help from Samia Minnicks of Samia Minnicks Photography, we have 3 Tips for Preparing for a Birthday Shoot. With inspiration from her beautiful Richmond, VA birthday shoot for a client’s 40th birthday, get started planning your birthday photoshoot. These images will create memories to last a lifetime and that you can pass down to your children. Be sure to share your birthday images with us on social media using the hashtag # blacksouthernbelle

3 Tips for Preparing for a Birthday Shoot

1) Theme:

It’s your birthday! Come up with a fun idea or theme for your shoot. This gives you tons of inspiration to pull from Pinterest. It also helps you with outfit and location selection. Balloons are cute, but how can we take it up a notch? What do you like to do? Where do you like to go? Have fun with it!

2)Step out of your comfort zone: 

Don’t be afraid to step out the box a little. I mean, it’s your birthday! You get to do what you want. Find a team that can really help you ENHANCE who you already are. Treat yourself to a fresh hair do, get your face beat by your fav local MUA, find a stylist that can help you nail your outfit.




 It is okay to invest in yourself for your birthday! Those are the best gifts! Don’t be afraid to spend some money on this shoot. Invest in a photographer that who is just as excited about the plans for your shoot as you are. You only turn this age once! It’s okay to show up for yourself, break the internet with your amazing birthday pictures and step into this new year of life like a BOSS.



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Theme: Grecian Goddess 40th Birthday Celebration
Honoree: Coretta Alexis
Samia Minnicks Photography
Quirk Hotel
Acrylic Menu, Acrylic Invitation:
D’MALI by Kisha Damali
Instagram: @DmalibyKishaDamali
Diane Wright
Instagram: @HairAssociates.ByDaine
Flowers by MJ
Instagram: @Flowers_by_mj
Nicole Laughlin MUA + Co.
Instagram: NicoleLaughlin_MUA

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