5 Bridesmaids You MUST have in your Wedding

Choosing bridesmaids can be just as stressful as choosing a dress. You have so many things to consider, your new sister in law, your favorite cousins, your line sisters, your college friends, your work BFF and friends from high school. As a southern bride you will get all kinds of reactions towards bridesmaids choosing, you will have the distant cousin who all of a sudden wants to be in your bridal party, you will have the all over the place friend who is already in 5 weddings this year so choose wisely ladies because these will be the women who hold you down through this process. We all know the type of women to avoid but most important are the women we must include. Here are a few of the types of you must have in your bridal party:

1) Enforcer Belle: She gets stuff done. She will keep people out of the trolley if necessary to make the bride happy. This is a true story, I had a bridesmaid do that for me. I chose well.

2) Momma Belle: She will make you feel better at all costs. Does your mother in law hate you? Or you can’t stand one of the groomsmen because “hate” is his middle name? Don’t worry Momma Belle will step in and make it all better, whether it is a Friday 10 pm call or a wine night vent session. She has you covered.

3) Social Belle: She knows how to keep the party going. Whether it is the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or reception, this bridesmaid knows how to have fun. She is there to hand you another drink when you look stressed and push you and all of your 60 year old cousins onto the dance floor. This Belle may end up in half of your party pics but she is a MUST.

4) Chill Belle: This Belle may not seem that necessary but she is. She keeps it all in perspective and reminds you it is just one day and you have a lifetime ahead of marriage and love. She will also ensure you don’t break your bank or your parents bank by splurging on those $500 couch rentals… A little too late for me though 🙁

5) Creative Belle: Pinterest has made DIY almost a requirement and you need that DIY queen in your life. She will save you money, time and have your wedding looking like something out of Essence.

So to all the brides out there. Choose who you want and need for your bridal party. Don’t feel pressured to follow tradition or cave in to others demands of your wedding because after all it is YOUR day. And remember you have your bridesmaids there to help you and enjoy it with you and your fiance and that is all that really matters, and of course your dress!


5 Bridesmaids You MUST have in your Wedding Black Southern Belle 3

5 Bridesmaids You MUST have in your Wedding Black Southern Belle 2

5 Bridesmaids You MUST have in your Wedding Black Southern Belle 1

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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  1. April 21, 2015 / 7:37 pm

    Gorgeous photos I love the navy/midnight blue bridesmaids dress color. I couldn’t agree more with you on the types of bridesmaids to have. They make for a great balance.

    • michielbp
      April 21, 2015 / 7:45 pm

      Glad you like them and hope they are helpful to you. We think you need these types of Belles in all aspects of your life.

  2. April 22, 2015 / 5:40 am

    I looooved those pictures!! Everyone looked beautiful. This is a great post. I will have to keep this in mind for when I get married one day. I will share this on Twitter as well 🙂

    • michielbp
      April 22, 2015 / 1:04 pm

      Thank you!!! So glad you liked the post and thanks for sharing!

  3. April 22, 2015 / 2:08 pm

    After being in a few weddings in this last year and a half, I definitely think I’m the Chill Belle. #BLMGirl

    • michielbp
      April 22, 2015 / 2:11 pm

      Love it! That is probably why you keep getting chosen! Everyone needs a Chill Belle on her team!

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