5 Fun Facts Behind The Cinnamon Annie Doll

Looking for a holiday gift that will turn into a family heirloom, look no further and add the Cinnamon Annie Doll from Step Stitches to your list. Learn more about the history and the women behind this Georgia based brand and add it to your holiday gift list today!

Founder, Stephanie Dean
“I make the Raggedy Ann doll that I wanted as a child growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I have always loved dolls, and my mother, an elementary schoolteacher, went to great lengths to find African American dolls for me. She felt it was important for my self-image to have a positive reflection of myself during playtime. 

Cinnamon Annie Raggedy Ann doll is a vintage-style handmade doll with a modern twist. Instead of the pinafore apron worn by the traditional Raggedy Ann doll, Cinnamon Annie dons beautifully colored dresses and styles fashioned for today’s modern little girl. She is a keepsake doll that can either be played with, used for decoration or can be collected.
I have lived in Georgia all my life. I am married to Tony and the mother of two college students Joseph and Daniell”

5 Fun Facts Behind The Cinnamon Annie Doll

1. Cinnamon Annie is a vintage style doll with a modern twist. This Raggedy Ann style doll’s contemporary print dresses, variety of skin tones, and sweet smiling face offer a fresh take on the beloved classic American toy. 

2. Originally created in the early 1900’s by writer Johnny Gruelle for his little daughter Marcella, Raggedy Ann eventually became an American icon. She has appeared in books, tv shows, consumer products, and even the Macy’s Day Parade. 

3. Cinnamon Annie Dolls are handmade by Stephanie Dean in her sunny sewing studio located in Decatur, GA. “I sewed the first doll in 2016 just as a fun hobby. After I shared her on Instagram and Facebook to my friends, I was shocked and delighted when others asked me to make one for them. To date, I have sewn and sold over 400 Cinnamon Annie Dolls worldwide.” 

4. Black dolls matter. Dolls are a kind of mini-me for children (and adults). Cinnamon Annie’s rich brown skin tone, twisted yarn hair and pleasant face provide a mirror reflection of affirmation for black and brown children. As one customer shared, “…the recipient of your doll was so happy. It is her favorite doll and noted that it looked just like her.” 

5. Cinnamon Annie has an accompanying children’s picture book, limited edition Christmas ornaments, and an upcoming children’s shirt line. Stephanie Dean is a lifelong Georgia resident, University of Georgia grad, wife, and mother to two college students. She is a former elementary school teacher, a licensed social worker, and owner & maker of StepStitches, LLC.

www.stepstitches.com stepstitches@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stepstitches

Instagram: www.instagram.com/stepstitches Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/stepdean/ 

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