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5 Southern Festivals to try this Fall

Fall is not only the ultimate homecoming/tailgating time, but it also the time for southern festivals! Southern festivals are truly an autumn treat and they offer something for everyone. In the warm sun and cool, crisp air of the southern fall season, festival time is ideal. The great food, funnel cakes and elephant ears, concerts, performances, and rides that allow the fresh, fall breeze to hit you perfectly as you watch the colorful trees; are now in effect! A southern festival serves as the perfect fall frenzy. Provided below are ten southern festivals to FALL in love with.

1. Heritage Festival of Birmingham, AL has been in effect for 41 years. It is said to place on October 22, 2016 and it offers arts and crafts, pony rides, and a silent auction along with the other aspects of a festival.

2. October 27- November 13, 2016 is the time frame of the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport that has the largest carnival midway and livestock shows in Louisiana.

county_fair_8_bg_20090614 5 Southern Festivals to try this Fall

3. On October 22. 2016 is the iconic Barbecue Festival of Lexington, NC where you can grub like a pig! Enjoy all of your favorite festival activities and get full while doing. All of the barbecue you can choose from in one place, and a place the whole family would enjoy? This festival is a Southern Belle’s hog heaven.

4. In November 2016, in Jacksonville, FL, the Kinfolks Soul Food Festival will take place and it is sure to be a blast. Meet, greet, and EAT all while you enjoy music, games, attractions, and more enjoyment that everyone is sure to love!

fod 5 Southern Festivals to try this Fall

5. October 27-29 in Houston, Texas, the National Black Book Festival will be taking place. Books are entertaining too! This festival will not only be educational, but it will be interesting and engaging as well.

images 5 Southern Festivals to try this Fall

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 5 Southern Festivals to try this Fall

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Teiatra Davis

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