5 Southern Foods Every Black Southern Belle Should Know how to Cook

Southern soul food is such a powerful addiction! The side effects include severe sleepiness, feeling stuffed, and it often causes your eyes to be bigger than your stomach. Below are five unique southern dishes that may seem a bit strange, but they are definitely “down home delicacies.”

1. Gumbo

new gumbo

Shrimp, sausage, or chicken? Okra, roux, or file? Chicken stock or oyster liquor? Add some fresh white rice, top with hot sauce or green peppers… With the many ways to make it, the style remains SOUTHERN.

2. Shrimp and grits

new shrimp and grits

Do you like yours with gravy or cheese? Just don’t forget the bacon bits please! Juicy, fat shrimp, seasoned to perfection and good, creamy, thick grits sure does the trick!

3. Okra soup

okra1 new

Chicken broth, okra, and tomatoes are many people’s base. Onion, garlic, celery, Cajun, salt, and pepper add on to the taste.

4. Hoppin John

Hoppin'_John new

Rice mixed with black eye peas and collards; in representation of coins and dollars. This southern New Year inspired dish is cooked not only because of fantastic taste, but in hope of being blessed financially in the new year.

5. Cornbread dressing

new cornbread dressing

A mixture of poultry and vegetables of whatever you desire, cornbread dressing is one dish that can be really good, or really bad… there’s no in between when it comes to the “most wanted” of  southern Thanksgiving dishes– that dang dressing.

Teiatra Davis

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