5 Tips for Decorating Your Home in Peace with Your Spouse

A Black Southern Belle is not know to compromise when it comes to design but that has to change a little when she gets married and lucky for you we have some great design tips from southern interior designer Chad James, owner of the Chad James Group, on how to decorate in peach with your spouse.  James said you should:

“Bring in both masculine and feminine elements bed linen, antiques, blend them together creates a cohesive interior. With this powder room I added taxidermy and dark color on wall for a masculine tone but I incorporated feminine elements through the curves of custom cut limestone vanity, femininity of decorative panels, and mirror.”

Here are a few tips from him on how to decorate with your spouse through mixing darks and lights, with design inspiration from his latest project at the Belle Mead Retreat in the heart of Franklin for House of Hope TN

1) Blanket a Room with One color (especially small space). When you have a small room like a powder room that doesn’t have interest pour a bucket of paint in there on the wall, ceiling, and trim

Image by Daniel Bear Hunley

2) Dark Paint & Light Accessories. If you use a Dark Color bring in accessories with lighter tones. It sets a very dramatic backdrop.

Image by Daniel Bear Hunley

3) Diversify your space. Too much of a good thing can be bad. When mixing dark and light elements try not to overdue it. Don’t use all dark woods or all plaids. Walk balance with feminine in one hand or masculine in another.

Image by Daniel Bear Hunley

4) Mix materials and fabrics. Instead of using the same fabrics and materials try mixing materials. Have a leather couch? Try a chair with linen or velvet upholstery. You don’t want a suite of furniture look you bought it off the showroom floor. A good mix of ying and yang will make your home more cozy and personalized.

Image by Alyssa Rosenheck

5) Add softness with Drapes. If you have dark or wood paneled walls, add softness back into space with fabric window treatment. You’d be surprised how it can lighten a room

Image by Alyssa Rosenheck

Michiel Perry

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