5 Tips for Picking a Travel Pillow from Mermaid Pillow Co.

Travel season is here and that means long road trips with bad sleep. Want to make that long ride a little easier? Your first step should be to pick a great pillow. Today we have 5 Tips for Picking a Travel Pillow from  Mickayla Petersen of Mermaid Pillow Co.


1. Level of Comfort: You want to choose a travel pillow that is comfortable to sleep on for long trips.
2. Small and easy to carry/pack: A pillow that is small and light weight is ideal for packing and carrying.
3. Distraction for kids: Our Adventure Pillow with reversible sequins provide a distraction for children as it helps settle nerves on airplanes and help the time pass.
4. Entertainment: Entertainment is something every family tries to find on long trips. The reversible sequined pillow is contagiously fun and everyone will want to take their turn ‘drawing’ on it.
5.Suppport: Last but not least, you want to pick a pillow that will support your physical and emotional self. The Adventure Pillow provides a relaxing, calming sensation as well as support on your head and neck.

Michiel Perry

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