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5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy

When you are in a crunch for a holiday gift, you can never go wrong with a gift basket. With the help ofA�Paula Creed-Smith, founder ofA�Ceh~Flora Gift Co. we have curated the perfect gift basket list for any winter occassion.A� Paula is a Black Southern Belle and we are exited to share some of holiday gifting expertise with you today! Her list ofA�5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy is exactly what you need for your winter shopping list.A�

According to Paula: “With Christmas barreling towards us, it only seems appropriate that I help you craft the perfect gift baskets that: 1) celebrates the season, 2) gives the receiver joy and 3) gives you joy as you package it. So, here are 5 winter gift baskets to make the season bright!”

5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy


1)A Christmas sweets basket- A Christmas sweets basket, done right, will touch on every taste of the season. Things that smell and taste like Christmas are: peppermint, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, burnt sugar, cinnamona�� by now you should be nodding your head in agreement, because these all resonate with you and your Christmas memories. In a festive box or a basket donned with Christmas spirit, package cookies, candies, nuts and any other Christmas treat that comes to mind. For instance, check out my Winter Treats gift box:A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�



Ceh-Flora-Winter-Treats-595x522 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must BuyMy ode to childhood memories of all the snacks we would eat during the holidays. It contains gourmet cookies, gourmet chocolate and popcorn balls. When I was a kid, it was common to have cookies and those pig popcorn tins and copious amounts of chocolate. This is mature, refined version of that memory. Ita��s just sweet enough for the child you used to be, yet indulgence enough for the adult you are now.A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A�A�

Hot Cocoa! I love hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is a Christmas institution. Cocoa is as synonymous to Christmas as Christmas trees, in my humble opinion. To be honest, I dona��t I have met a person who dislikes hot cocoa, hence why ita��s on my list. Again, cocoa appeals to the child inside us, but I am going to give you cocoa with an adult twist. Ever heard of a hot toddy? A hot toddy is typically a mixed drink made of liquor and water with honey (or, in some recipes, sugar), herbs (such as tea) and spices, and served hot. Yes, a drunken cocoa gift box is what Ia��m hinting at. For this gift box, you are definitely going to splurge a bit. Buy good quality hot cocoa from Starbuck, Godiva or from Moonstruck Chocolatiers, who I purchased my chocolate and cocoa from for my boxes. Buy singles, theya��re easier to ship and you can get a little more bang for your buck. Next, youa��ll need to choose a spirit. You can choose wine or brandy or irish cream. Either of these will be delicious and compliment the rich cocoa. If you are gifting this to more than one person, you can mix and match spirits to specific people. No cocoa is complete without the crown jewel, marshmallows! I love marshmallows toppers, but you can opt for the classic marshmallow. For a packaging twist, you can put everything in an oversized mug with cello wrap and tensel or seasonal festive ribbon. A�


Ceh-Flora-Warmth-Cocoa-595x495 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy


Winter skin is no joke! I live in Florida and it isna��t even winter yet and my skin is screaming! That leads me to my next gift idea, a winter pamper basket. Think of things to nourish, moisturize and protect skin from the drier air. Package some really emollient body butter, nourishing handcrafted soap or body wash. You could even do a bath bomb if you found one with skin loving ingredients. Next, throw in a candle or potpourri sachet with seasonal scents like warming cinnamon, sweet vanilla, invigorating peppermint and the like. Elevate this gift with a winter cocktail setup like some of this ideas here. Ia��m particularly fond of the champagne cocktail.


Ceh-Flora-Gift-Co-Lavish-Winter-Wonderbox-595x660 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must BuyA snow day basket: If you grew up in a place where blizzards or heavy snow happens, then you know all about a snow day. For those who are not familiar with snow days, get familiar here. As a child, you may braved the elements and went sledding, had a snowball fight or built a snowman. A�My mama didna��t play that. Shea��s Jamaican so…anyway, we spent time playing games and watching movies and eating snacks. Looking back, it was actually pretty fun. For this gift basket, get the receivers favorite childhood games and movies, a cozy blanket and a delicious assortment of snack to enjoy while they watch their favorite movie or play a game. This would a great way to build on the winter treats gift box above.

Ceh-Flora-Winter-Treats-595x522 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy

The night before Christmas box. This is more geared to the entire family. We do a play on this with our girls and ita��s just a lot of fun. In a large box, remember, ita��s for everyone, pack some comfy pajamas, movie snacks, blankets, a Christmas story to read together, cocoa and a journal to write memories from that night. A�This gift box should be big and really touch on the closeness we feel with family and loved ones at this time. Think of it as the most special family night of the year.

Ceh-Flora-GIft-Co-Anniversary-box-595x748 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must Buy


About Paula:A�


image-50-of-55-595x894 5 Winter Gift Baskets You Must BuyPaula is the owner of Ceh Flora Gift Co., a luxury gift company located in the sunny Florida that offers pre-curated and custom curated gift boxes, favors/swag and stationery. Paula is a married mother of two. She has been with her husband Sheldon for 12 years and they have 2 daughters, Azzaryha, 5 and Lael, 3. Paula is deeply committed to her faith, family and small circle of friends. Some of her favorite things include: all things coffee, rum raisin ice cream, music and singing.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest @CehFloraGiftCo




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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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