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7 Seeds for Your Summer Garden

Gardening can be a peaceful past time for black southern belles everywhere. The feeling you get from planting your own produce and saving major money is indescribably amazing! The sun is beaming full blast mid-sky and your Spring crops may not be able to survive summer. Are you ready to plant your summer garden?

Grab those garden tools and get ready to plant new seeds in your summer garden. Researching and finding the best crops for your region and weather can be a hassle. Not this summer! Black Southern Belle has made a list ofA�7 Seeds for Summer Garden.A�

1. Corn

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Corn has to be one of the best crops to grow this summer. It is said to be quick and easy to grow, and it tastes great too! Plant a small line of corn in your garden and enjoy that bright yellow glow.

2. Summer Squash

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Summer squash got its name honestly! Plant this beautiful squash in June and enjoy the A�fresh yellow and green squash as early as July and August.

3. Beans

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Beans are a great seed to drop in your garden in June. Watch the fast growing plant produce all the beans you can eat. This crop is great because for growing quick beans for summer cookouts and even saved for the cold winter.

4. Herbs

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Plant sun loving herbs in your garden this summer. There are quite a few but my personal favorites are Thyme, Basil, and Garlic. This can save you major $$$ on McCormick after summer ’17.

5. Cucumbers

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You can’t have a refreshing salad without a cool cucumber. There will be no regret after planting this vine in your summer garden. Sow the seeds early enough to harvest for your delicious summer salads.

6. Carrots

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Planting carrots mid-July will leave plenty of time for the vegetable to harvest for the Fall feast. Carrots will add a great addition this summer. They will not take up much space and can be left in the garden until used.

7. Spinach

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Spinach may not a heat loving crop, but planting in August will have this crop ready to go by winter. Spinach is a great green leafy vegetable that will definitely leave you feeling proud of your healthy choices.


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Amiya Thomas

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1 Comment

  1. August 25, 2017 / 7:47 pm

    Thanks for this inspiring post for amateur gardeners like myself. Btw, great pics! -Jack 🙂

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