7 Tips For Easter Baskets With Meaning From Founder of Reflektion Design Decor & Accessories

7 Tips For Easter Baskets With Meaning From Founder of Reflektion Design Decor & Accessories

Easter is a holiday filled with family, fun and memories. What better opportunity to show your loved ones and friends what they mean to you than with creating easter baskets with meaning. 

Here’s 7 tips to help you do just that. 

1. Start with a beautiful basket – Bolga baskets from Ghana are ideal Easter baskets because they are functional pieces of art. Handwoven by artisans for centuries these beautiful baskets will be used long after Easter to store their fruits and veggies or knick knacks.

2. Have fun – don’t overthink this. Have fun with the entire process from brainstorming items to put in the basket to how you’ll present it to them. You’ll be surprised what ideas come to mind when you let go and step outside the box.

2. Keep the recipient in mind – you know them well let that shine through. What is their favorite color, flower, tea, candy or movie? Create an Easter basket that will let them know you get them they’ll remember that more than anything. 

3. Personalize it – add a special note in a card. Thank them for something they did for you or why you’re grateful they’re in your life. An inside joke, poem or quote works well too. 

5. Add interactive elements – what are they into? Books, puzzles, playing cards, knitting or cooking include items that showcase their hobbies and interests.

6. Add something unexpected – think of something they would never see coming. Here’s some examples: frame a treasured photo from their childhood, include a mix tape/CD of their favorite songs, pop in a t-shirt or keychain from their beloved HBCU, sorority or fraternity. Items that will surprise and put a big smile on their face.

7. Add a self care item – self care is important now more than ever. Journals, candles, lavender sachets, eye masks, incense or a spa gift card and are a few ideas of items to remind them to take care of themselves.

I hope these 7 tips for creating Easter baskets with meaning will inspire you to start adding lots of fun and intention to your baskets. Regardless of the recipient’s age, you now have the tools to create an easter basket that’s thoughtful and as special as they are.

Founder of Reflektion Design Decor & Accessories

My name is Anitra Terrell, owner of Reflektion Design an Afro modern lifestyle brand based in Atlanta, GA. I am a graduate of Norfolk State University and have enjoyed living in the south for many years. My product line includes throw pillows, tableware, coffee mugs, jewelry and more made with African fabrics. I design products to help you express your vibrant authentic self. Since launching in 2014 Reflektion Design has been featured in Essence Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, Ebony Magazine and several interior design blogs.




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