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7 Tips for HBCU Seniors Before Graduation

7 Tips for HBCU Seniors Before Graduation

Attending a historically black college or university can have its pros and cons, ups and downs..

Now that you have finally reached your senior year, those questions that everyone want to know have arisen. What’s next? Are you going to graduate school? What career do you want?A�All these questions can leave you more confused than ever. Black Southern Belle is here to help! Here are 7 Tips for HBCU Seniors Before GraduationA�that will help you focus and enjoy your senior year.

1 . Know What Matters

Everyone knows the main focus of any college student is keeping their grades good and their parents not worried. Yes, getting good grades in turn earns you a good GPA, your educational credit score. Contrary to belief , a good GPA won’t get you the job of your dreams A�by typing it on to your resume. In the same sense, an average or not-so-good GPA will not always mean that you will be automatically rejected for a position.

Everyone’s situation is different, depending on your major and life goals. In comparison to your GPA, there are plenty of aspects that are more important. Gaining experience through internships, networking, work ethic, cover letter/resume writing skills, and the most important personal skills to reach the next level in an interview. The best thing to do is make sure you are well rounded before and after senior year ends.

Remember one question never asked in an interview is: What is your GPA? Always know what matters when trying to reach success.

2. Get Involved and Stay Involved

If you haven’t already, get involved and stay involved! There is way more to do on campus other than go to class or hang out in your dorm room. Get on campus and find your passion before your university time expires. Check out your campus to find out what it has to offer you.

Being involved is more important when you are in college compared to being a high school student. For example, if you are a business major look in your college for business clubs and organizations. Organizations like American Marketing Association or Business Professional of America, can be added to your resume and make the differentiation from you and another candidate.

Finding your place at your university, no matter where it is, can add to your level of qualifications after graduating from your HBCU.

3. Keep Your Friends Close

The most exciting thing for college students is meeting other college students. My freshman year, I was honestly so excited to meet my roommates and make new friends I looked for anyone who went to my HBCU and HBCUs in the area. Making friends on campus can be the easiest task in all of your four years, especially when living on campus.

The difficult part of making friends in college is staying in touch after graduation. Building valuable relationships with your peers that you have things in common with can start the professional network connections that you will need. When college is over, make an effort to keep in touch with your friends to keep relationships from fading. The world is such a small place, you will never know when you will run into a familiar face in a professional setting.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your friends while there is still time. Go to the movies or out to dinner, I guaranteeA�making memories will now will give you good conversation in the future.

4. Work on Your Future

Senior year will be over in the blink of an eye. Are you ready for your future?

A great way to achieve your goals are to work on them daily. By accomplishing one task a day towards a goal will get you closer to your goal will put you closer to succeeding them. For example, if your goal is to write a best selling book, writing daily can help you get there. Stay up with the trends of your field. You can research opportunities in your field as often as possible . This will keep your expectations in line and on track with your dream.

Figure out where you want to end up, think of the lifestyle you want to have and the career you want. Once you have a good idea of when and where, its time to figure out how. Life after graduating may not turn out the way you exactly dreamed of, but making plans will definitely get you closer to the dream.A�Continue to work on yourself and you future will continuously get brighter.

5. Enjoy the Little Things

With all of the thoughts of the future, always remember to enjoy the little things. Yes, your future is worth looking forward to but the now is just as important. Senior year is going to fly by. Homecoming, Winter break, Spring break, they will all run together the closer to graduation you get.

Spend your down time enjoying time with friends, going to events on campus, or just stopping to smell the flowers. Literally of course. 🙂 You will never get the small moments back. Engage in all of those classroom conversations, go to that Greek party, even sit through that hour long org meeting with your roommate.

After graduating there are simple things that you will miss. Enjoy the little moments that you can never get back.

6. Prepare for the Shock

After four years at your HBCU you can expect to feel some type of shock after joining the real world. Just keep in mind… the real world isn’t that bad!

HBCU students, like many other students can find it difficult to get used to the new feeling. There is always a possibility that the job hunt will be harder and longer than you thought. Start early and take the edge off and help you not feel ill prepared. After four years of making years, meeting everyone on campus, and making the place home, it’s now time to leave.

Make accommodations now that will help you prepare for the shock. You can start applying for jobs at the beginning of your second semester, create a book club to keep in touch with classmates, or read the news in areas you are interested in living in. These few things will leave you a lot better off than aimlessly finishing four years.

7. Have Fun!!!

After all of these tips for bettering your chances after graduation, there is only one thing missing. Have fun!! There is no possible way to enjoy your senior year at your HBCU without fun. Between the humpdays on campus and the spirited basketball games, there is no way to avoid fun on campus. Do whatever makes you happy in your four years… because fun can come far and few in between after you join the adult world.

Fun is everywhere on your campus, just keep you eyes open for your type of fun!




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