10 Reasons A Daughter Needs a Dad

What Southern girl doesn’t love her Dad? From the time a girl is born, she is taught the important role her father plays in her life, and she grows to understand and appreciate the special bond that fathers and daughters share. To celebrate Father’s Day and all of the awesome dads we are blessed to have and know, here are ten reasons why a daughter needs a dad. Enjoy!

  1. A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men. Southern girls are raised to appreciate the finer things in life, and their choice in men is no exception. In the South, there are (sometimes unspoken) rules when it comes to dating and marriage. In order to capture a Southern girl’s heart, a man must go through her father and gain his approval first.1
  2. A daughter needs a dad to protect her. We all know that at some point during our journey to love, our heart will get broken. However, a true “Daddy’s girl” knows that her father will always be there to protect her (as best he can) from the pain that heartache can bring. But a dad is needed to protect us spoiled Southern girls from more than heartache—he’s needed to protect us from all of life’s trials and tough moments. We can always call on our number one guy to make us feel safe and loved.
  3. A daughter needs a dad to influence her (even if he’s not around). If you’re a Southern girl who doesn’t have the best relationship with your dad, it’s important to remember that no matter where you go in life, your father will always be with you. For some men, becoming a father is easy, but being one can be rough. Treat your dad with a little grace and lots of love and work toward a healthier relationship.
  4. A daughter needs a dad to show her how to live. A dad can certainly tell you how to live your life (even when his lectures seem boring), and he can even share mistakes from his own life. But a great dad will demonstrate the best way to live through his actions. This can involve taking you out on dates, talking to you about everyday things, or just spending quality time with you however he chooses. Appreciate the ways your dad shows you how to live every day and be wise enough to follow in his footsteps.
  5. A daughter needs a dad to believe in her. If you’re lucky, both of your parents are your biggest supporters, but a dad supports his daughter like no one else. He is patient, loving, and always there to cheer you on to victory. If you have a dad who believes in you and tells you that you can do anything, you are not only lucky, you’re blessed!
  6. A daughter needs a dad to fight for her. Long before Southern girls find our prince charming, our dad is the one who stands up for us and supports us no matter what—even if we’re wrong. And a dad is always needed to get us out of trouble—even when we get ourselves in it in the first place.
  7. A daughter needs a dad to sacrifice for her (see reason 1). Traditionally, a man’s role is to provide for his family, and the man is the head of the household. This may sound old-fashioned, but many Southern girls have fathers who have sacrificed many things for them and for their families, and it’s only right that we earn the title “Daddy’s Little Girl!” 2
  8. A daughter needs a dad to guide her. Although there are many things a girl can learn from her mother (or other women), she needs her dad to guide her in other important areas of her life: love and relationships, finances, general advice, etc. Without a father’s wisdom and knowledge, a girl can get lost in this crazy world!
  9. A daughter needs a dad to give her strength. When life gets tough (and it will), it’s always great to be reassured by your dad that everything will be o.k. and that “…all things work together for good…” (Romans 8:28). A dad is able to provide the strength you need when it seems that everything is going wrong. He can help you put matters into perspective so that you can more easily tackle what it is you have to do.
  10. And lastly, a daughter needs a dad to be her first love. It takes a special person to be a dad, and even though Southern girls may find our prince charming, our dads will always be our kings.

There you have it—ten reasons why a daughter needs a dad! Of course a daughter needs a dad for so many other reasons, but this is just a start. Be sure to celebrate your dad and the other amazing men in your life who do all of these things and more every day of the year! Mothers get a lot of recognition and praise every day, but fathers deserve the same amount (if not more) of respect and appreciation as well. So southern belles, let’s do our part to make sure that our dads feel super loved this Father’s Day and beyond!









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