A Southern Invitation to Greenville, SC

Most cities have a historic value about them. Some are known for their distinctive restaurants, while other cities are known for their well-known tourist attractions. Greenville, SC is the place where there is a rich value of African American history and great Southern restaurants.
As the sixth largest city in South Carolina, Greenville, SC is the best city to visit if interested in knowing more about Southern history, wanting to taste true soul food or enjoy the relaxation of the outdoors.


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Appetizing Spots in Greenville

Located on Augusta Street, Tasty Soul Food & Bar is the perfect restaurant to get that taste of the South in a cozy atmosphere. With a menu that is specialized to the days of the week, a Black Southern Belle can expect to enjoy the home-cooked meals loaded with tender oxtails, broccoli casserole, creamy potato salad, or neck bones. Open until 2 am, Wednesday through Saturday, Tasty Soul Food & Bar will satisfy your needs at any time. Check out the menu to determine what day you should make a soul food stop in Greenville, SC, and visit their Facebook page @tastysoulfoodandbar. 

Historical Places to Visit

After a dining experience, you won’t forget, maybe you should take a different approach to Greenville and get to know a little bit about African-American Church history in this city. Greenville history is rooted in church establishments and creating new places to hold meetings before and after the Civil War. John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church is one place of worship that is known for its history and is a sacred piece of Greenville, SC. Built-in 1899, Rev. Rosemand leaves behind his legacy after the Civil War by creating a sanctified place for those in need. With John Wesley Methodist Church being one of the earliest establishments built by Rosemand is surely the reason for a true Black Southern Belle to visit this lighthouse in the heart of Greenville. 


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Wind Down Time in Greenville

Once the journey is over as you maneuver through the most southern locations in Greenville, a good place to wind down from a busy day is Falls Park on South Main Street. Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with no admission fee, Falls Park on the Reedy serves as the ideal way to end your historical and food filled outing. Imagine walking across a footbridge under the sounds of a ridged waterfall that is surrounded by a beautiful garden in the later afternoon. The birds tweeting draining out the sound of the city life and the sun is beginning to set. Sounds amazing right? If this mini description allowed you to drift away just for a moment, why not just live in the moment and visit Falls Park on Reedy to end an amazing day spent in Greenville, SC. 

“Latitude” by catharticflux is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Greenville, South Carolina is filled with many spots fit for a Black Southern Belle to enjoy with her Black Southern Beau. Next time you’re interested in traveling through the South, don’t forget to stop and see what Greenville, SC really is about by checking out these tourist attractions.




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