African American Movie Posters to Add to Your Gallery Wall

Looking to add some unique style to your Black Southern Belle home? Nothing is better than a unique gallery wall. Today we are sharing African American Movie Posters to Add to Your Gallery Wall. If you love movies and decor, this list is the perfect way to have a fun and easy DIY project to any room in your home.A�

African American Movie Posters to Add to Your Gallery Wall

Down in the Delta:A�

Rosa Lynn, an elderly woman, sends her daughter Loretta and her children to live with her brother-in-law inA�Mississippi. Loretta is an addict and does not want to go, especially since uncle Earl lives in theA�dryA�and rural part of Mississippi.

Uncle Earl already has his hands full with his business and a wife who suffers fromA�Alzheimer’s disease. He has Loretta help him in his restaurant, and the family begins to find strength in their roots, and start to rebuild their lives.

An important recurring object throughout the film is a silver candelabra, a family heirloom. The candelabra, which everyone refers to as “Nathan,” has strong significance to the family. It is finally revealed that Loretta’s great-great grandfather and Jesse’s father was a slave named Nathan, and he was traded for the candelabra.[3]A�Jesse stole back the candelabra, and it has been passed through the generations, along with Nathan’s story, ever since.

Hidden Figures

Hidden FiguresA�is a 2016 AmericanA�biographicalA�drama filmA�directed byA�Theodore MelfiA�and written by Melfi andA�Allison Schroeder, based on theA�non-fictionA�bookA�of the same nameA�byA�Margot Lee ShetterlyA�about black femaleA�mathematiciansA�who worked at theA�National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationA�(NASA) during theA�Space Race. The film starsA�Taraji P. HensonasA�Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who calculated flight trajectories forA�Project MercuryA�and other missions. The film also featuresA�Octavia SpencerA�as NASA supervisorA�Dorothy VaughanA�andA�Janelle MonA?eA�as NASA engineerA�Mary Jackson, withA�Kevin Costner,A�Kirsten Dunst,A�Jim Parsons,A�Glen Powell, andA�Mahershala AliA�in supporting roles.


Beasts of the Southern Wild

Faced with both her hot-tempered father’s fading health and melting ice-caps that flood her ramshackle bayou community and unleash ancient aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy must learn the ways of courage and love.


Set in Alabama during the 1950s, Polly Whittier, an orphan who is sent to live with her aunt Polly Harrington, who is a descendant of the founding family of a smallA�SouthernA�town (also called Harrington) during theA�segregation era. A key point in dividing the town is a ravine which has an unrepaired bridge which burned down many years ago, and no one knows how it started and is suspicious of everyone else. Polly is able to convince people to look at the bright side of things, but tragedy strikes when Polly falls two stories from a tree, suffering a spinal injury.


A musical set in the Prohibition-era American South, where a speakeasy performer and club manager Rooster must contend with gangsters who have their eyes on the club while his piano player and partner Percival must choose between his love, Angel or his obligations to his father.


Their Eyes Were Watching God:

A drama set in the 1920s, where free-spirited Janie Crawford’s search for happiness leads her through several different marriages, challenging the morals of her small town. Based on the novel by Zora Neale Hurston.



The story of the life and career of the legendary rhythm and blues musicianA�Ray Charles, from his humble beginnings in the South, where he went blind at age seven, to his meteoric rise to stardom during the 1950s and 1960s.

Jason’s Lyric:

The story of a young man, Jason (Allen Payne) who must confront his trauma-induced insecurity about love, as well as a sense of owed responsibility to his mother and troubled brother Joshua (Bokeem Woodbine). Jason, an assistant manager and sales clerk at an electronics store, falls in love with Lyric (Jada Pinkett Smith) and finds happiness, but his family history and mentally ill war veteran father, Maddog (Forest Whitaker) plague his life’s plans before he can leave it all for a better life.


Eve Batiste (Jurnee Smollett), a 10-year-old girl, lives in a prosperousA�Creole-AmericanA�community inA�LouisianaA�with her younger brother Poe (Jake Smollett) and her older sister Cisely (Meagan Good), a pretty girl who is just entering puberty. Their parents are Roz (Lynn Whitfield) and Louis (Samuel L. Jackson), a well-respected doctor in Louisiana’s “colored” community who claims descent from the French aristocrat who founded the town of Eve’s Bayou. One night after a raucous party, Eve accidentally witnesses her father having sex with Matty Mereaux (Lisa Nicole Carson), a family friend. However, Cisely, who has a very affectionate relationship with her father, convinces Eve that she misinterpreted an innocent moment. The unreliability of memory and observation remain important themes throughout the film.

The Color Purple:

Set in ruralA�GeorgiaA�during the first forty years of the twentieth century, the film centers on the life of a fictional character named Celie, an oppressed black woman. In the film, Celie endures rape, sexism, the loss of her children at birth, a tyrannical husband, domestic violence, chauvinism, the loss of her sister, and the demoralization of her friend (Sofia), who also loses her freedom to the law. Celie and the other characters tell a story of overcoming racism and misogyny in the rural South during this time period, depicting a struggle for equality. Celie maintains her resolve throughout the story. By the end of the film, the characters have undergone remarkable changes and relationships have begun to heal

Daughters of the Dust

An African American Gullah family leaves their coastal island home in 1902 and risks losing their culture to start a new life on the U.S. mainland.


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