Atlanta Based, Howard University Alum Teaches DIY Style and Home Decor

Ever wanted to learn how to be handier or do DIY? Today’s feature is a Howard University alum that is doing just that through her digital brand, The Handy Homegirl LLC. She is a Youtuber and Blogger embracing her love of all power tools and decor. If you are looking for inspiration for your next DIY project or pursuing your dream read about the story of this Atlanta, GA based influencer.


Name- Ashley Spearman

Title- Blogger and Youtuber

Company/Org- The Handy Homegirl LLC

Hometown- Chicago, IL

Alma Mater- Howard University

Sorority- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated


Favorite thing about being southern: Well, I’m a born and raised Chicago girl but I have been living in Atlanta, GA for almost 4 years.  I absolutely love showing my family and friends my new sense of southern hospitality.

What is your personal life motto: Create the life you love!

What is the most challenging professional obstacle you’ve had:  The most challenging professional obstacle was starting my blog, staying committed, and consistent.  I have started several businesses before blogging and I always gave up when things got a little tough.  Luckily this time I have an even titanium strength support system that will not allow me quit and I finally love what I do.

Who is your favorite character on a “Different World” Whitley! Definitely. She was posh, strong willed, a fabulous dancer and hilarious. I especially love the meek and mild lovestruck woman she became when Dwayne got her in check every once in awhile.

If you could do any job, what would that be? Easy. Beyonce’s backup dancer. Next question? lol

Who do you wish you could meet? Again Beyonce. If I don’t have a mental breakdown first. #iamastan #andimproud

What would your best friend say is the best/most annoying quality about yourself? My best friends would say my best quality is my creativity and loyalty. My most annoying quality would be my stubbornness and when people text me I look at the text, respond in my head then won’t actually text back for like two days.

What advice would you give your younger college self? Don’t worry girl, it gets better. You are going to graduate even though you think college is pretty hard right now.

Where can we connect with you? You can connect with me on Instagram: @thehandyhomegirl , Twitter: @Handyhomegirl14 and Facebook: The Handy Homegirl

5 Favorite DIY Projects from The Handy Homegirl

The Handy Homegirl is a DIY, Home Decor and Lifestyle Youtube channel and blog. Since 2015 The Handy Homegirl (THHG) Youtube channel and blog has created weekly home improvement tutorial content and has grown an audience of over 8,000 subscribers.  THHG is hilariously entertaining and attracts renovation enthusiasts and home decor DIYers all over the world.  Viewers come to The Handy Homegirl to learn how to build the most creative projects, where to shop, how to find bargains, what items work the best and to get motivated to start and finish their dream home.

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