Atlanta, GA Outdoor Engagement Shoot

We love a great outdoor engagement here at Black Southern Belle. Today we are featuring a beautifulA�Atlanta, GA Outdoor Engagement Shoot, which a Georgia-Bred Couple. This adorable southern couple had a beautifully natural engagement shoot that stole our hearts. Learn more about this fun couple and enjoy the images from their beautifulA�Atlanta, GA Outdoor Engagement Shoot.

Bride Name: Deanna Smith

Groom Name: Donnie Hardy

Engagement Location: SkyView Lounge in Atlanta, GA

Engagement Date: October 7, 2016

Alma Mater of Bride: University of West Georgia

Alma Mater of Groom : University of Miami

Current City where you live: Tucker, GA

Bride Hometown: Clarkston, GA

Groom Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA


How did you meet? A�We met in high school (Tucker High School). Donnie was a senior and I was sophomore and we were dating one anothera��s friends. We became friends from then on out.

How long have you dated? We have been dating for 2 years, 3 years come this July .

How did he propose? Donnie asked me to go on a date with him which I didn’t want to do because I wasn’t feeling well, but I went anyway. We went to dinner and then HE said we were going to go get on the Ferris wheel downtown(something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time). But prior to that he said we had to stop at a friends day party for a second. He leaves me in the car for 10 mins then came back to get me and said he wanted to stay instead of going to the Ferris wheel. So of course I got mad but still got out the car and went up to the party which was on a rooftop. And right before we get off the elevator he stops and says, a�?you know I love you, right!?a�? Kisses me then we walk off the elevator. We walk onto the rooftop and he asks, a�?do I see anyone I know?a�? of course I say no because ita��s supposedly his frienda��s party. So I’m on my phone until somehow I see a light shine on my twin sistera��s face and then lights start shining on my friends and families faces. So I’m still confused and he walks me over to a chair in the corner over looking the Ferris wheel and downtown, hands me 2 dozen red roses and begins talking(I can’t hear a word hea��s saying lol). All I know he said something for like 2 mins then gets down on his knee and I instantly start laughing and I hear the words, a�?will you marry me?a�? and I nodded my head and he put the ring on my finger. I said yes Ia��d marry him the next day while he washing dishes in the kitchen. Lol

When did you know he was the one ? A�I knew he was the one when I was in high school ( a senior) and he came back from college( after 2 years in Ohio). I was a cheerleader and we were getting ready to leave the school for a basketball game and he came up to the school and I literally jumped in his arms and he just gave me the biggest hug you could imagine. Then I knew, but didn’t think it would ever in a million years happen, he was someone I could be with for the rest of my life.


What is the cutest thing he has done for you without you asking? The sweetest thing hea��s done thus far was book a trip to Denver, CO for my birthday without me asking. I’ve always wanted to go and he booked a trip where my twin my best friends and some of his friends came on the trip and we had a blast. Of course I wasn’t going to pack for the trip either, he told me we were going to stay in Atlanta and have fun but at 5am he came home from work and told me to pack a bag wea��re leaving for the weekend.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life? The one of many things I love about him is that hea��s the best father I could have ever asked for for our son. Hea��s so selfless and loves him and I unconditionally. To see him with his son makes my heart full.

What part of wedding planning is making you crazy? None, my 4 sisters, mom and mother in law are handling the wedding. I’m just showing up lol.

What part of wedding planning can you not live without? My dress, I found it 2 months after being engaged with my 4 sisters and mom. It’s literally something I never thought Ia��d wear but it looks good on ! Oh and of course my man, show can’t start without him a?? .

What was your first thought the day after your engagement? My first thought the day after was, a�?holy crap, did this really happen last night?!a�? Although I had been TELLING him to marry me for months, I didn’t think he literally was planning a proposal. He did good.

What did you love about taking engagement pictures? The thing I loved about taking our engagement photos was Donnie, whom can’t dance, try to twirl me around and dip me. He was so focused about it that it made me smile the entire time. Hea��s so cute when he attempts to dance.


Who did you tell first about your engagement? Well technically everyone knew but me. It was a surprise engagement!

Are you used to the ring yet? I’m so used to my ring that when I take it off to take a shower or clean the dishes or anything I feel naked without it.

How many times do you accidentally say girlfriend instead of fiance in a day?

I maybe say once a day, but not often. I usually catch myself after the first time and think she would kill me if she heard me say girlfriend.

Who did the photography? A�Our photographer for the engagement shoot as well as our wedding is the wonderful Kandi Daniel of Kandi Daniel Studio in Newnan, Ga!

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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