Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast in Maryland: How to Host an Event in an Intimate Venue

Looking to host a girlfriends getaway, celebrate or your anniversary or just celebrate yourself? Why not host it at a bed & breakfast. Today we have tips for how to host an event in an intimate with tips from  Wellspring Manor, a Black Owned Bed & Breakfast in Maryland run by HBCU duo of Lisa and Kevin Alexander.  This beautiful Maryland retreat, includes a spa, gallery, scenic natural views, beautiful architecture and so much more. From an inside cocktail party to a nature-inspired dinner, the Wellspring Manor is a great option for an intimate venue and weekend getaway. Check out Lisa’s tips below and be sure to share images of your events on social media with the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle We can’t wait to see all of your fun hosting and entertaining yourself as well as the ones you love.

Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast in Maryland: How to Host an Event in an Intimate Venue

One: Select a venue that is conducive to the size of your party or group. If you’re hosting a gathering for 10 people, a hotel ballroom — even a smaller one — doesn’t lend itself to creating an intimate atmosphere.

Two: Seek out unique venues in your area that offer highly personalized service. If the venue charges for every customized request that you make, you’ll want to know that. For example, if they offer certain menus and you want to make changes to those menus, will they offer to do that for no additional cost?

Three: It’s the small touches that make or break an event at an intimate venue. Adding touches like fresh flowers, handwritten name cards, a handwritten welcome note from the host, space for guests to gather, connect and have meaningful conversation are all a must. Hosting an event at an intimate venue is just that, intimate. The space you’re in should be beautiful and draw the guests together for an intimate experience.

Four: Consider extending the experience to include an overnight component if the space can accommodate that. Sharing time over dinner is great but if you can continue that to the next morning over a delicious breakfast, why not? So many of us crave real time with other people, away from technology. Create spaces for that to happen.

Five: Speaking of technology. Nothing kills intimacy like a cellphone ringing every 5 minutes or perpetual texting. Consider asking your guests to detox from their devices for an evening, check them into a basket or box, and connect with their fellow guests — mind to mind and soul to soul.


Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast in Maryland: How to Host an Event in an Intimate Venue

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