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BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Summertime is approching and the southern heat is unnavoidable. BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening will protect your garden from a few of the common summer garden issues. Now that Spring is coming to an end it is important to take extra precatutions in the garden.

After spending all of your time and money on vacations. snowcones, and those cute summer shorts… your garden is left to suffer. Any black southern belle could use these simple and effective hacks to keep their garden thriving.

1. Egg Shells can be used in the garden multiple ways. Cracked shells can be used to start growing seedlings in. The shells can also be crushed into a powder and sprinkled onto the ground around plants.

079dd60ad76e29dc8e75a614f40c67f6 BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest

2. Wood Pallets for Storage: Using wooden pallets are a cheap solution to stoarge in many areas, including the garden. There are so many creative ways to incorprate upcycled pallets in your garden design.

706a43a1106c267b5b1783a0e1225dcf BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest.

3. Ice Cream Cones: There will be plenty of opportunities to use this hack this summer. Plant seedlings inside stale ice cream cones to create biodegradable pots.


a974ba58fe8d513a42e4345785fbdbcc BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Photo Credit: Gardening Know How

4. Wine Bottles: Fill an empty wine bottle with water and insert the bottle opening in the ground next to your plant. This is a watering bulb, it will keep your plants alive while you’re away.

661bb770939a23c73084a13793b3985c BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Photo Credit: Create Something

5. Silverware: Don’t throw away all the forks from the picnic, recycle them! This hack can be used for protection or organization in the garden. For example, bury forks surrounding your plants to keep animals out your garden.

0fe24e056d4e0197311228989e55f1ca BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest.

6. Liquid Compost: This jar of bannana peels may look disgusting but your garden will thank you. Take your normal compost pile and liquify it. Pour it directly into your soil so your plants can absorb all of the nutrients.

65a16b3873952af887593426022ded32 BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest.

7. Coffee Grounds: Coffee is a staple for most hard working black southern belles. Stop throwing away your coffee grounds each and every morning! They can be used to help you garden thrive this summer.

b017c94cc95c6cf25322d63cd64373b7 BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest.

8.  DIY Self-Watering Plants: Grab a large pot of water, lots of papertowels, and all of your house plants. Roll the papertowel as tight as possible, then place one end in the water and the other in a plant. The plants will water themselves as needed and you can enjoy your vacation!

1d8bdd61723c15a301d6e62ee5c9c20d BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Photo Credit:: IG–> @victoriaavitale

9. Recycle Plastic Bottles: This hack is a genius way to protect your plants from the unpredictable summer. Cut an empty two little bottle in half and sheild your seedlings or plants. Simple and can add that Southern charm!

f920565ae49bf70c13316ef1861eeb8b BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

Source: Pinterest.

aaa97766d4406e5e2234fa882e05a9af?s=100&d=mm&r=g BSB Hacks for Summer Gardening

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