BSB Tips for Perfect Fourth of July Cookout

The Fourth of July is less than two weeks away and I can feel the patriotism brewing in the summer heat. Celebrate this Independence Day with the family, friends, and great food with the perfect cookout. If all goes as planned on July 4th there will plenty of BBQ aroma and beautiful fireworks at your celebration. Now you just have to plan your A�Perfect Fourth of July cookout.

The Fourth of July, also known as July 4th and Independence Day, was declared a national holiday in 1941. What began in the 18th century, gaining independence, has turned into over 200 years of celebration. Get ready to spend July 4th in the sun at this year’s amazing cookout. We have put together BSB Tips for Perfect Fourth of July CookoutA�so that you will have the perfect event right in your backyard.

Did you know?

Did you know that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of America’s founding fathers died on July 4th, 1826…. 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was accepted.A�

Remember the Red, White, and Blue…

Red, white, and blue has been the colors to represent America since the adoption of the US flag. These are the colors that you must remember to incorporate at your 4th of July cookout. Whether it’s in the menu or the table cloths, don’t forget to bring the red, white, and blue to the party.

Set the scene.

No one wants to stay inside on Fourth of July! Clean up your backyard before inviting in the crowd. Cutting your grass, trimming hedges, and/or putting away everyday clutter are all easy ways to set the scene for your cookout. A�The cookout will be much more of a success with a beautiful landscape behind it.

After the yard is clean, it’s decorating time! There is ample ideas floating around for an Independence Day celebration. Create your own gorgeous decor for your cookout and take all your guests by surprise.

Create your menu.

Any Black Southern Belle knows that it is important to have the perfect potato salad at a cookout. In 2006, there was even an entire movie dedicated to the importance of the potato salad…. called “Who Made the Potato Salad?”.

Create your menu with personal favorites from you and your guest. If you are not preparing A�the entire menu, specify with everyone who is bringing what to the party. It may sound like a lot but I’m sure your guests will thank you for the amazing food, especially the potato salad. 😉


Make a playlist.

Setting the mood is important at any party, but especially a cookout. A summer cookout can be a mini family reunion if it’s done right. Make your playlist ahead of time and avoid skipping tracks on Pandora or choosing someone to DJ. Ebony featuredA�Songs You BETTER Play at a Black Family ReunionA�that I think are absolutely perfect for any good get together.A�

Bring out the booze.

This Fourth of July, make the adults at your party very happy with patriotic beverages. Bring out the booze with a bang this year. Incorporate it into fruit, candy, popsicles, jello treats, slushies, or even plain cocktails. The possibilities are endless when you it comes to mixing up your red, blue, and white drinks. Need inspiration? Visit your Pinterest, Instagram, or Youtube and be inspired by mixologists from all over.

Get creative.

Creativity is key when planning any party. That includes the perfect Fourth of July cookout. When inviting your close family and friends, it may be harder to wow the crowd. By coming up with new ideas every year, like recipes, games, or decoration, your guests will never be bored at your cookout.

Being creative ties in with all the other tips. Creativity can be brought to this year’s cookout by making a new DIY patriotic centerpiece, hosting a dance competition, and even trying the best recipes that look ad taste great for the table. As long as it is creative, you can’t go wrong with your cookout.


Special thanks to: Rutha��s House, EventHaus, Nuage Designs, and Yoj Events for the furniture and tabletop pieces; Hamby Catering & Events for the food and menu development; Southern Season for the party favors; Yoj Events for the flowers and design; Sasha Nicholas for additional decor; Lure & Ravish for makeup; and Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay for photography.




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