Cakes for Every Occasion Curated by the Daily

Looking to add something sweet and unique to your next big occasion? We are here to help, With some assistance from dessert experts at The Daily, a Charleston, SC-based neighborhood marketplace, we are giving you tips you need. Today we are sharing Cakes for Every Occasion Curated by the Daily.  Check out some of these unique flavors to get inspired for your own events. Be sure to share your dessert and party images with us on social media using the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

Photos by Andrew Cebulka


Cakes for Every Occasion Curated by the Daily

Office Opening – Chocolate Chocolate Cake


Chocolate is the perfect way to make your office colleagues happy. Can’t go wrong with some sprinkles on this classic choice.

Baby Shower – Kalamansi Ice Box Cake


This a beautiful option for a baby shower. It has fun pops of color and can be styled perfectly with marble and gold for a modern style baby shower.

Wedding/Bridal Shower – Dulce de Leche German Chocolate Cake


This fun play on two classics is perfect for the dessert lovers celebrating love at a Bridal shower or engagement party. Your guests will love this unique combination for sure and it is special enough for this special occasion.

Girlfriends Getaway – Passionfruit Coconut Cake

Coconut cake is always a great idea, especially in the South. Pair it with Passionfruit and you have to invite your girlfriends to indulge. This dessert is a great way to start off your next Girls Trip!

Family Reunion – Butternut Carrot Cake

Nothing is more classic than a carrot cake and it brings back all kinds of family memories. For a unique play on this classic sweet, butternut adds the right touch of fun. Your family won’t get enough of this and it will surely become a new tradition.


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