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Classic Charleston Nuptials

Today we are featuring a beautiful Charleston wedding. Complete with a church wedding, ball gown and horse & carriage. Learn more about this beautiful couple and their love story!

Before We Met….

Her Story

I’ve always known God had reserved someone special for me. I’ll never forget when my first lady at the time, Pastor Gloria Rogers, prayed for me one night at church. At the end, she told me that I didn’t need to worry because God had someone special for me. She smiled and looked as if she could already see us together and said “He’s going to be a prince.” I was about 12 years old at the time, but I held on to those words. It was a TALL order, but I was determined to wait until God decided it was time. After years had gone by, however, I began to wonder if God had forgotten his promise! So on New Year’s Eve 2013 as I spoke to God about the upcoming year, I threw in a question that was lingering in the back of my mind: “I know you have him, BUT where is he??” Little did I know, God did have him and I’d be meeting him THE NEXT DAY. New Year’s Day.

Horse-Carriage-Ride-5-of-26-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials

The Day We Met….

His Story

Well, by the time New Year’s came around, I had been hearing about this wonderful lady for over a year. She was a friend of my good friends, Edwin and Jean. Although I had dated other people over the years, I really started praying for a specific kind of woman. I wanted a woman who was God-fearing, kind-hearted, caring, beautiful, a blessing to the people around her, and someone who would also add to my life. I wanted something DIFFERENT, that is the only way I can sum it up. As I began hearing about Minka, I admit I was a little skeptical, but I knew I was going to have to find out about this young lady for myself. I decided to be patient and wait for God to allow the right moment to present itself. My moment came on New Year’s Day. While I was resting, I received a call from Edwin that the young lady I had been hearing about was visiting with his wife Jean at their house. I knew this was my opportunity. I got up and got dressed quick-fast and got to their house even before my friend Edwin got home! Even on our first date, I began to realize that I had finally found what I was looking for. I know that God made her for me and that she is God’s gift to me.

The Day We Met….

Her Story

After meeting, Jean and I had quickly become good friends. So, naturally, when I was in her area on New Year’s Day, I didn’t think twice about stopping by for a quick hello. However, within ten minutes of my visit, Jean’s doorbell rang. We both looked at each other wondering who it could be. When she answered the door, in walked a handsome young man. It was my Sam. I didn’t know who he was so I was surprised when he immediately walked up to introduce himself. He said he had heard a lot about me. Without really responding, I smiled and turned to Jean hoping for some kind of explanation. She reminded me of an extremely short conversation we had about 6 months prior. I vaguely remembered the conversation, but because I thought I knew how God’s promise would come, I told her I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone at the time. But by the end of that fateful New Year’s evening, I was re-thinking my original answer. It wasn’t until our first date that I realized who had really set us up. Although it is a common middle name for Ghanaian males, I learned that Sam’s middle name literally translates “prince.” God had sent me my prince after all. As our relationship progressed, I learned that the man I was introduced to was a prince in more ways than one. I am blessed to have someone who values his walk with God and embodies what a real man should be.

We thank God for ordering our steps on the path to finding each other. We now look forward to walking out our God-given destinies TOGETHER…. The Best is Yet to Come!!

Getting-Dressed-40-of-73-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials

Groom-Prep-26-of-34-960x640 Classic Charleston Nuptials

Dancing-Goodtimes-10-of-73-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials

The Wedding Party

Matron of Honor

Mrs. Jean Lamptey


Mrs. Allison Donaldson

Mrs. Synovia Harris

Ms. Devina Jackson

Mrs. Candice Lesane

Ms. Margarita Pajaro

Going-to-the-Chapel-11-of-40-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Going-to-the-Chapel-10-of-40-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials

Bridal-Party-4-of-25-960x951 Classic Charleston Nuptials


Drs. Leander & Marilyn Lanier


Ms. Sarah Deas

Ms. Ariel Garrett

Ms. Jo Orji

Mrs. Carrie Mae Garrett

Ms. Jacqueline Washington

Mrs. Wanda Deas



Mr. Edwin Lamptey

Mr. Kenney Kwakye

Mr. Leander Lanier, II

Mr. Nathan Lanier

Mr. Sowari Wilcox

Parents of the Groom

& Ms. Comfort Nargeh

Best Man


Mr. Devin Lanier

Junior Best Man

Mr. Christian Lartey

Junior Bridesmaid

Ms. Daminica Wells

Flower Girl

Lil’ Miss Haloe Moore

Ring Bearer

Lil’ Mr. Gabriel Blake


Mr. Tetteh Nanor


Mr. Leon Deas

Mr. Arthur Blake

Mr. Michael Ford

Bridal-Party-1-of-25-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Bridal-Party-4-of-25-960x951 Classic Charleston Nuptials Bride-Prep-The-Girls-2-of-29-960x636 Classic Charleston Nuptials Bride-Prep-The-Girls-6-of-29-960x1450 Classic Charleston Nuptials Bride-Prep-The-Girls-17-of-29-960x636 Classic Charleston Nuptials Cake-6-of-9-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Cake-Cutting-Toasts-5-of-21-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Church-Details-1-of-6-960x640 Classic Charleston Nuptials Church-Details-3-of-6-960x640 Classic Charleston Nuptials Dancing-Goodtimes-10-of-73-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Details-2-of-17-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Details-7-of-29-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Details-8-of-29-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Details-19-of-29-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Getting-Dressed-17-of-73-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Getting-Dressed-24-of-73-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Getting-Dressed-40-of-73-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Getting-Dressed-66-of-73-960x1273 Classic Charleston Nuptials Going-to-the-Chapel-10-of-40-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Going-to-the-Chapel-11-of-40-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Going-to-the-Chapel-31-of-40-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Going-to-the-Chapel-39-of-40-960x1248 Classic Charleston Nuptials Groom-Prep-6-of-34-960x1439 Classic Charleston Nuptials Groom-Prep-26-of-34-960x640 Classic Charleston Nuptials Horse-Carriage-Ride-5-of-26-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Horse-Carriage-Ride-6-of-26-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Horse-Carriage-Ride-18-of-26-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Marriage-Ceremony-13-of-116-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Marriage_2-35-of-73-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Marriage_2-61-of-73-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Marriage_2-64-of-73-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials More-First-Dance-4-of-19-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Post-Ceremony-2-of-22-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Post-Ceremony-3-of-22-960x641 Classic Charleston Nuptials Post-Ceremony-5-of-22-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Post-Ceremony-19-of-22-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Professional-52-of-89-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Professional-56-of-89-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials Professional-68-of-89-960x1438 Classic Charleston Nuptials




Mrs. Yolanda Mack

Ms. Carolyn Blake

Dr. Nona Gilliard

Dr. Marilyn Lanier

Day of Coordinators

Ms. Stephanie Gladden

Ms. Janice Wright

Church Decorations

Ms. Janice Wright

Occasions Done Wright



Radford, VA

Elder Dr. Marc Watson

Mrs. Katrina Watson

Mrs. Shawn Moore

Mrs. Donna Jones

Ms. Angie Hayes

Ms. Mechelle Phillips

Mr. Damion Ramsey

Mr. Vincent Moore


Mrs. Becky McCadden,

Chesapeake, VA

Ms. Shirley F. Dirden,

Houston, TX

Mr. Miceric Tolliver,


Min. Jefferson Jones

(Saxophone) Christiansburg, VA


Mr. Jerome Frederick

(Steel drum), Clayton, NC


Neo Seduction

Fayetteville, NC


Charleston, SC


Francis Marion Catering,

Rehearsal Dinner

Love Catering by Carolyn

Ms. Carolyn Blake

Robert Deas, Jr.

Wedding Cake

Artistic Cakes by Linda

Bride Hair Stylist

Mrs. LeKecia Hollington

Bride’s Makeup

Ms. Tiffany Holmes,


Aneris Photography

Charleston, SC



Mr. Peter Chuong

Chair/Table Covers &

Chair Rentals

Covers by Nicole

Floral Arrangements

– Wedding Party &


Anna Bella Florals

Wedding Program


Voke Designs

Wedding Carriages

Palmetto Carriage Works,

LTD. Charleston, SC

Recipe Cards

Love’s Catering

by Carolyn Blake

Sweetgrass Roses

Sandra Alston Heyward


River Street Sweets

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Classic Charleston Nuptials

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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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