Designing Women: New Orleans Design Maven Whitney J

                       Whitney J of Whitney J Decor. Britt Smith Photography

Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor is a New Orleans-based interior designer and blogger inspired by the Big Easy’s colorful, eclectic style. We interviewed her in 2015 about her love of design and design style here. When we chose to start our Designing Women journey in the city of New Orleans, we knew we knew we had to hear from this design maven. 

1. How has living in New Orleans inspired your design work? 

New Orleans has inspired my use of color. Living in such a vibrant, eclectic city has given me confidence in mixing different colors, styles, and patterns in my own and clients’ homes. Every time I even get a little worried about whether something would “match,” I remember how much I love how versatile New Orleans is. 

2. What is a must-have Southern element to have in your home? 

Live plants! Southern homes really set the bar when it comes to having beautiful plants and trees in a room. I use a plant or tree-like I would a piece of art or accessory, meticulously placing it in a space that highlights it well, while also being mindful that it’s getting just the right amount of light. It’s a must. I feel like a room isn’t complete without at least one live plant. My own home only gets good natural light in front of my house, which is where my master bedroom is. I had to come to terms that I can’t put most live plants in my living room or dining room, but I’m on the hunt for realistic faux plants as good alternatives. 

3. Can you share how to incorporate culture into your home? 

When incorporating culture into a home, it’s important that you’re authentic. Whether paying homage to someone else’s culture or highlighting your own, choose pieces that you absolutely love. You can incorporate a certain culture by highlighting relevant colors or motifs in your furnishings or wall color, or even hanging art created by artists from the culture. 

         Eclectic Blue Dining Room by Whitney J. Britt Smith Photography

BSB Questions from 2015

How would you describe your home decor style?

My style is eclectic. I only like to use items that I love (or that my clients love). I tend to like a comfy look with glam accents. I love a home to look collected.

What do you love about New Orleans homes?

I love the way New Orleans does color! So, my favorite homes in the city are ones that are colorful with great art collections. Homes in New Orleans have a collected look, which is a style that I really, really love.

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