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DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

Are you a Black Southern Belle looking for fun DIY ideas for your outdoor bar? Well we have found 5 easy DIY projects that will recreate your outdoor bar area into something you will love. Whether you are building an entire A�bar from the ground up or renovating your outdoor bar space, these easy DIY projects should definitely be tried in your yard. Continue reading for 5 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar.

1. Fire Pit

9130488ccb2d8af7d16b1c8a29a27f4d DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

A fire pit is the perfect addition to your outdoor bar area. It can not only add a great focal point, but it can also double as an extra cooking source. See how to make your own firepit for under $50 here!

2. Pallet Furniture

347f25bdd1294d2f061444322c0a3d3b DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

Pallet furniture is a trend fast arising in outdoor decor. Pallets can be recycled and used as tables, chairs, couches, daybeds, and much more. Hop on Pinterest and be inspired by DIY pallet furniture for your outdoor bar. Or you just click here for DIY outdoor pallet furniture designs!

3. Tiki Torches

9dbc855d646319b9bde2732800c5f152 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

These DIY tiki torches are a great design element to add to your outdoor bar. You can make this creative tiki torch with any glass bottle and instantly light up your outdoor area. Get creative and try this project to add some country chic outdoors.

4. Bar Sign

b4bcf190384d060bf8fcbb83973d51f8 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

You can’t have a bar without proper signage. Gather some corks and create this DIY bar sign that sits on the counter. Recycle the corks from all those great bottles of wine or find another design for your style. Making a sign for your outdoor bar can be simple and cheap while still adding the right amount of decoration.

5. Glow in the Dark Pots

6524495d3aad7e00d7b7f34fe3bf7797 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

Grab a can of glow in the dark paint and recreate your outdoor area. Paint a few pots or yard equipment to make them glow in the dark. This will add a fun effect to your space and light up the outdoor bar area instantly.


Pictures sourced from Pinterest!

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Bar

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Amiya Thomas

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  1. July 28, 2017 / 11:20 am

    You might be planning to follow these instructions for making an outdoor bar by your own. But as you can see it requires some equipment that usually experts have. And they as well know how to correctly use them. This is why in my point of view hiring a professional is a better idea.

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