Easy Outdoor Summer Entertaining Tips from Co-Founders of Coterie

Summer is here and it is time to get ready for outdoor party fun! Whether you are headed to the beach or hanging out on the patio, hosting skills are always a must. Today we have Easy Outdoor Summer Entertaining Tips from Co-Founders of Coterie, the one-stop-shop for elevated party supplies for any occasion. Check out their tips below and be sure to share images of your parties with us using the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

Easy Outdoor Summer Entertaining Tips from Co-Founders of Coterie

  1. Prepare drinks ahead of time. Everyone wants to serve unique drinks, but no one wants (or has the time) to play bartender. Spend more time with your guests by creating big batch signature cocktails in advance. Don’t forget a chic umbrella topper to add a fresh look to any drink!
  2. Embrace flower power. Flowers are a great way to add color to any summer party easily—especially for outdoor parties. We really love this acrylic flower box because there’s no bouquet arranging needed and it’s totally stunning.
  3. Blow up a GIANT white balloon instead of several balloons. Go beyond just a bunch of balloons tied to a chair and get creative with balloon decorations. For example, our Big, Bold and Brilliant balloon features fairy lights as the string. It’s pretty magical!
  4. Add floral ice cubes into the mix! We’re obsessed with this super simple party prep idea because it adds such a cute detail to any event. Add fresh, edible marigolds into your ice cubes the night before your party and watch your guests marvel over the prettiest ice cubes they’ve ever seen! For Sara, who just celebrated her own bridal shower in May , floral ice cubes were a big hit!

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