Farmhouse Chic – 5 Tips for Picking a Farmhouse Sink

Are you all about the farmhouse kitchen style? So are we! And that means farmhouse sinks for sure. If you need some inspiration to create your dream farmhouse kitchen, we have the tips you need. With help from Bocchi Sinks we have 5 Tips for Picking a Farmhouse Sink.

Farmhouse Chic – 5 Tips for Picking a Farmhouse Sink

1. Choosing the right size: It’s very important to know how much counter space will be taken up by your new sink. Farmhouse sinks are typically very large, but they make for a great place when prepping a large meal. Bocchi offers three different Farmhouse designs that come in a multitude of sizes.
2. Choosing the right color: At Bocchi, there are nine different colors that are offered, because they know that not everyone is the same. The sink color will really bring the entire kitchen decor together based on its relation to the counter tops you’ve chosen. More and more, people are seen choosing statement colors for their sinks because they know that their visitors will be drawn to the uniqueness of the color.
3. Decide on a single, or double bowl: Both designs are timeless and look great, no matter which you choose. Bocchi offers both single and double bowled sinks that are equally popular. If you need the space, then go with the single bowl design. If you don’t mind separating dishes or dedicating one side to solely be available for food prep, then go with the double bowl. Either way, you’ll be making the decision based on personal preference.
4. Choosing the finish: Farmhouse sinks come in many different finishes from copper to fireclay ceramics. At Bocchi, all sinks are made from the Fireclay material that is made from 100% recyclable, natural, organic materials that craftsmen have been using for centuries. Each of the Bocchi sinks contain Clean Plus+ and Super Smooth Surface Technology that ensures every sink will remain clean and free from undesirable dirt and other bacteria.
5. Be prepared for kitchen modifications: Because Farmhouse sinks are so large and heavy, they may mean that you have to carve out more space in the cabinetry area, as well as the counter tops. The worst thing would be finding out that your purchase won’t fit in your kitchen, leaving you frustrated and unprepared.

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