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Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

The romance of a southern beach is undeniable. This engagement photo shoot at Folly Beach in South Carolina can warm the coldest heart. The smooth sand and subtle waves in these beautiful images are the perfect backdrop to a lifetime of love.

Images by  Valerie & Co. Photographers

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_i5x66DTg_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

“One of the many things that locals and visitors alike, enjoy about Charleston, South Carolina is its wonderful surrounding area beaches.”Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_i9ZJjzTX_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session“Many also know, that some of us, lamentably, consider the dreaded mosquito the state bird… Dreher and Robert’s sunset beach engagement session had those pesky mosquitoes out in full force BUT that did not stop us!”

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_idfx4RMP_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iK4L6WPJ_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

“Their session was perfect, and their images, BEAUTIFUL. These two are such a fun couple and no matter what the circumstance, they are a pleasure to photograph.”Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iMMxKv9j_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

We just know that their Cypress Gradens Wedding is sure to be a blast and everyone is looking forward to that day!”

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iMTddjF2_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_inccMfQQ_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

“Really it’s no wonder that Robert and Dreher are excited to wed, there is much love between them and it’s charming to see this couple together.”Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iprS2zqp_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement SessionDespite their noticeable height difference, they’re perfectly matched! Their personalities really shine through in these images and even more so with the detail shots that incorporate their passion for fine footwear.

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iQFXfTCD_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session“We love beautifully capturing who they are and their special moments with photographs that can be forever cherished.

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_irqtc9FQ_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iSDWnSHx_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

“An engagement is a time full of so much happiness and promise for the future, and for Dreher and Robert, it’s not just the celebration of their engagement.”

Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_itkktQPL_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

“With both Robert and Dreher having young daughters from previous relationships, this is also a time of celebrating the formation of a whole new loving family.”Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iv96nVDW_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iVG76XHg_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iVnKVhr9_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iZ4DdpsX_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_izsnBRGJ_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session Curry_AndersonJr_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_iZVDKVvB_low Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

b17e4ebd8b67881095f6e71e2fcca19f?s=100&d=mm&r=g Folly Beach, SC Engagement Session

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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