Gulf Coast Bred Entrepreneur Spreading Beauty Throughout the World

BSBs have always found time to cater to their health and beauty needs. Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty is committed to providing natural products that bring the health into beauty. Their homegrown remedies are helping to trailblaze the beauty industry in not just the Gulf Coast but around the world. Learn more about this BSB-led business in our profile below.
Dr. Dana Nettles
Business Name
Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty LLC
What You Provide
We provide homegrown remedies. Herbal teas (organic Moringa, bamboo, and Turmeric), and bath, body and hair growth products.
Where are you based?
Mobile, Alabama
Why did you decide to start a business?
Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty educates and provides healthy alternatives to chemical-ridden beauty products and protect the environment while using natural resources. We provide time-tested organic products and homegrown teas.
 What is your favorite client story?
We have a client in London that contacted us with hair loss problems 6 years ago. We did a hair consultation with her and recommended some of our products. She had great results after a couple of months and has subscribed to a monthly beauty box. This happy client recommended our products to her family, friends, and co-workers. This established an international base for our business.
What is your website?
Who are some of your business idols?
Dr. Watkins
Do you have any mentors?
Our ancestors of doctors, pharmacists, educators, farmers and homemakers.
What is your favorite thing about being southern?
Beautiful weather, nice people, and delicious food.
What is your favorite southern dish?
Shrimp and grits from the Gulf Coast.
What is the most important thing you have done to build your business?
We rebrand our products last year and created a new website which increased our business.
What are your favorite southern brands?
Moon Pie and Golden Flakes.
What is your favorite item or piece of clothing to wear/use while doing business?
Red University of Alabama scrubs with red polka dot gardening boots.

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