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Heritage Home Decor: 7 Tips for New Homeowners to Create a Home with Heritage

Heritage Home Decor:  7 Tips for New Homeowners to Create a Home with Heritage

Buying a new home is what most  Black Southern Belles dream of. We can picture how we will style the living room to offset our vibrant antique couch we bought a few months before buying the house or we will display various traditional plate collections across the dining room table. More importantly, buying a new house means we finally have a place to show off our historical artwork and create a place that is adequate to our Southern soul. One who knows all about the impact of designing your home is Ms. Africa Miranda.

Africa Miranda

TV host, author and entrepreneur, Africa Miranda recently furnished her brand-new apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Miranda stated “I’ve always wanted a home that is elegant and glamorous but also accessible. I channeled a bit of old Hollywood and some of my favorite global destinations to create a space that I love and that feels so ME.” Over the last two months, Miranda has worked to create a place that displays her love for vintage shopping, HomeGoods must finds, and glamorous yet accessible home. Whether it’s Ms. Miranda chartreuse velvet sofa or her gold bench and bar cart, she has tips that make designing your homes personal and inexpensive. 

Africa Miranda New Home Tips 

Africa Miranda provides 7 tips for new homeowners to create a home that is true to their Southern background or love for various destinations. Below are a few tips from Ms. Miranda. 

  1. Identify your “home story”

Africa Miranda implies that the best way to decorate your home is to have a clear plan for how you want to decorate before hitting the store to shop. As a Southern Belle we may want to stick to a specific color scheme because of the mood it provides to ourselves and guest’s. She suggested creating a mood board to use as a shopping guide to help keep the vision of your home on track.

  1. Each room can have a different vibe.  

Decorator, Africa Miranda  channeled a bit of old Hollywood and some of her favorite global destinations to create spaces that were fit for their placement in her home. One of her favorite areas is her home is the Moroccan-inspired balcony. With  unique rattan chairs, an asymmetrical shelf, and textured floor pouf, Africa ensures her balcony is similar to an outdoor oasis. 

  1. Find an inspiration item to set the tone

One item has the ability to craft a room or an entire home. For instance, Africa’s living room is inspired by another one of her favorite items, a chic gold bar cart. The gold bar cart balances other items in her home and helps her tie in gold details and accessories throughout. 

  1. Master the art of bookcase styling

As Southern Belles we should ALL master the art of bookcase styling. Miranda says that “shelves are a great place to highlight your favorite books, photos and mementos, but less is more. Don’t feel like you have to fill every single space.”  As a Southern Belle, we have many books, photos, and souvenirs that we want to display and to do so in our new home, styling is key. Check out her styling below!

  1. Buy the statement piece

Buying items that stand out is important to designing your dream home. Whether it’s blue swayed antique chairs or a distressed hand crafted dining room table, Miranda suggests “to go for bolder items if they catch your eye”. She fell in with a velvet chartreuse sofa from HomeGoods and knew it would be the perfect fit for her new living room. 

  1. Make your space feel personal

A house is transformed into a home when there is personal reflection of you. Ms. Miranda suggests printing and framing photos; which is an inexpensive way to add instant personality and polish to your home. Whether it is a collection of historic photos or a gallery wall of friends and family, personalization can be done easily. 

  1. Create areas for productivity

Miranda understands about working from home like many Southern Belles do and she says she needs a space that is comfortable yet functional. Having a traditional office space is ideal, however isn’t required. Africa says that she “found an affordable woven outdoor rug (perfect for morning yoga on my balcony!) and two eclectic gold-based end tables for my living room where I like to enjoy my coffee and plan out my day.”

Africa Miranda has been successful with her home decor and styling journey and has provided tips for Southern Belles and new home buyers to ensure their journey is just as successful. Find out more about Africa Miranda and her design aesthetic below



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