Heritage Travels: 5 AME Historic Churches in Louisiana

The African Methodist Episcopal Church is the first independent Protestant denomination to be founded by black people. The church plays a huge role in the influences of black culture and the background of black heritage. Along with many other historic things that they have to offer such as meals and music, Louisiana is home to plenty of AME historic churches.

Heritage Travels: 5 AME Historic Churches in Louisiana

  • Historic St. James AME Church
    • The Historic St. James AME Church is located in New Orleans, founded in 1844. It is considered the first African Methodist Church in the Deep South.
  • St. Peter AME Church
    • The St. Peter AME Church, located in New Orleans, was founded in 1858, and added to the National Register of historic places. 
  • Bethel AME Church
    •  The Bethel AME Church is in Baton Rouge, and is the oldest of the 3 AME churches in the city. It was founded by a group of free men in 1876, and has a significant Civil Rights legacy. In 2016, the United States Postal Service released a Black Heritage stamp honoring Richard Allen, founder of the first-ever AME church in the United States.
  • Reeves Temple AME Church
    • Reeves Temple AME Church is located in Lake Charles. It is the oldest black church in its city, and before the building was built in 1866, services were conducted outside after its founding in 1865, under the leadership of George Ryan.
  • Clear Creek AME Church
    • Clear Creek AME Church was founded in 1865 and actually built in 1872, in Felixville. This church was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 28, 2002. Once the church was built, it served dual purposes of a place of worship and education.
The Southern Beauty of Emanuel AME 26

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