Holiday Chores To Do with Kids

Need a little help with holiday chores this year? Why not involve the kids. Chores are a great way of bonding with family and instilling a sense or responsibility with your kids and even more fun during the holidays. If you are looking for some ideas, here are list ofA�Holiday Chores To Do with Kids that will make your life easier and full of holiday spirit.


Holiday Chores To Do with Kids


Festive First Impressions a�� If guests are coming their first impression will be made as soon as they pull up to your home. A�Kids of all ages can help decorate the windows, doors or yard to match any holiday season festivities. Put older kids in charge of raking leaves or hanging lights on taller places. Assign younger children things to do closer to their skill level like working with a parent to find burnt out bulbs on a strand.


Hosting Housework a�� While the outside can provide a great first impression, ita��s important that the inside of the house or apartment is welcoming as well. Again, assign your children tasks that match their ages and skill sets. Make sure to give them a deadline to help teach time management and keep them focused. Whether they are cleaning the guest room, picking up toys, ironing table linens or setting the table every little bit helps.


Handy in the Kitchen a�� Do any of your children love cooking or baking? If so, recruit them to be extra hands in the kitchen. Besides the additional helping hands, think about the special memories youa��ll be creating. Have little ones help press cookie cutters into dough while big kids stir sauces and help chop vegetables.


Spread Cheer a�� A popular family outing over the holiday season is going to help out at a local food bank, soup kitchen or family medical center. These opportunities fill up fast and the help is always appreciated. Do you know what is even more helpful? Showing up to serve the few weeks after the holiday season is over. Show your kids that helping out is important year-round.


Clean Up, Clean Up a�� Recovering from a party or guests can be even more work than getting ready. Give each child a job they can handle to help you clean up like collecting trash from around the house, doing dishes, vacuuming floors or just general tidying up like folding blankets or straightening pillows.


Santa never misses even the smallest gesture of kindness and appreciates when people go out of their way to help others during the holidays. If your kids get an allowance, for helping with chores or as extra spending money, consider asking them to use part of it for a charitable donation or to buy gifts and food for families in need. Also, remind them that Santa is always watching. Give your kids the opportunity to do good deeds throughout the year by making chores a regular part of your family routine. Technology like BusyKid makes it easy to automatically help kids split their earnings into spending, savings and donations.

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