Holiday Etiquette Tips from Effie’s Paper

Holiday season is the perfect time to catch up with the ones you love. No better way to do that than with a holiday or New Year’s card. Get tips from Kalyn Johnson, Owner of Effie’s Paper today and make sure to get some pieces from their shop as they are Black Southern Belle approved!

Holiday Etiquette Tips from Effie’s Paper

Be Thoughtful About Your Recipient. A�I try to buy gifts that my friends and family will love. A�Sometimes ita��s an item that theya��d never buy for themselves; other times I might buy something I saw them eye-ing or heard them mention. Everyone loves receiving gifts and feeling loved. A�But, finding the perfect gift is not synonymous with spending a lot of money. A�Ita��s truly the thought that counts. My husband loves to cook, so last year, we gave our foodie friends homemade tomato chutney in Ball jars with labels I designed. A�Everyone loved the personal touch and the yummy chutney!


Send Holiday Cards.
Sending holiday cards is a tradition that dates back to 1875 in the United States. A�Taking the time to send holiday cards is a great way to kick off the holiday season! A�Make it a ritual and get your little ones involved (they can stamp and stuff envelopes) while you write a brief note inside each card. Sometimes a holiday card may be the only communication you have each year with your extended family and friends a�� take this opportunity to network and let folks know whata��s going on in your world or to re-connect with a former colleague. Buy your cards early and address them in November (you know youa��re dying to start listening to your holiday playlist anyway!) and drop them in the mail just after Thanksgiving. No time before the end of the year to get organized? A�Then consider sending a New Year card at the beginning of January once the holiday madness dies down.


Send Thank You Notes. A�Receive a gift? Write a thank you note. If someone was kind enough to buy you a gift, the least you can do is take the time to sit down and hand-write a thank you note on nice stationery. A�A text message, or email saying thanks, does not carry the same weight as a handwritten thank you note. A� A thank you note is a tangible reminder of your gratefulness. A�The week between Christmas and New Yeara��s Eve is the perfect time to sit down to pen thank you notes a�� make it a holiday tradition. A good rule of thumb is to send holiday thank you notes before the New Year. But, if youa��re busy juggling kids and guests and perhaps travel during this time period, remember that a late thank you note is better than not sending one at all. Ita��s never too late to say thank you!

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