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With holiday season in full swing,  at home entertaining  is at an all time high. If you are looking for some items to impress your holiday guests, Black Southern Belle has got you covered thanks to our friends at Pure Leaf.  

Here are two of our favorite holiday- inspired mocktails perfect for guests of all ages including the little ones attending.

Apple Cider with a Southern Twist

1 Gallon of Unsweetened Pure Leaf Iced Tea

1 Gallon of Apple Cider

5 Tablespoons of Honey

4 Fresh Cut Apples

1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon


  1. Cut the 4 Fresh Apples

  2. Mix 1 part Apple Cider, 1 Part Unsweetened Pure Leaf Iced Tea in a pitcher

  3. Add 5 tablespoons of honey or to taste

  4. Add  fresh cut apples

  5. Add one tablespoon of Cinnamon

  6. Pour into boiling pot

  7. Warm to medium and a light boil

  8. Let soak in pot for at least 2 hours before event and serve at about 90 Degrees Fahrenheit

Cranberry Sparkling Cider

1 Gallon of Unsweetened Pure Leaf Iced Tea

1 Gallon of Sparkling Cider

1 Quart of Cranberry Cider

1 pint of Caramel

1 Quart of Fresh Cut or Dried Cranberries


  1. Add 1 part Sparkling Cider, 1 Part Cranberry Cider and 1 Part Pure Leaf Iced Tea to a large pitcher

  2. Add Fresh Cut or Dried Cranberries

  3. Soak for at least one hour before event in a refrigerator and serve cool


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