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Homegrown Charleston Romance

Church is a huge part of life in the south. For Kristan and Sherard, the church is what placed them together. For their beautifully styled, Charleston, SC engagement shoot, they took their love back to where it began, their home church, Mount Zion, A.M.E. Church. This SC based couple is beyond cute and we are so excited to share their story. Check out this Friday engagement feature and start your weekend off right!

Mt.-Zion-AME-Church-4-of-19-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance

Kristan Stewart

Sherard Brown

Mount Zion A.M.E. Church

March 1. 2015

Columbia College

Winthrop University

Greenville, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Delta Sigma Theta

Kappa Alpha Psi

We first met in high school. He was a senior and I was a junior. However, we did not start speaking to each other until his dad became the pastor at our church. From there, we were friendly and spoke to each other from time to time when we would see each other at church. It was not until we were in college and attended a college a party that we started taking more of an interest in each other.
Mt.-Zion-AME-Church-14-of-19-960x710 Homegrown Charleston Romance

We have been dating officially since 2007. (8 years!)

He propsed on March 1st, 2015 at the first place we began to be friends – Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church. We attended church as usual, and during the end of the service he began to make his way to the altar. At first I thought he was giving a testimony, but as he was talking he started to make his way towards me. All I could think was, “No! Don’t do this here because I look bad!” He began to tell me how much he loved me and how much God has blessed our relationship. From that moment, he got on one knee and I said yes! It was truly a great moment!

When he was willing to stick by me through multiple educational degrees in which I moved to multiple cities away from him.
Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part228-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance

Since we live in separate cities at the moment, he comes to visit me often. Sometimes he would drive up to see me and not tell me at all. The whole time he would be talking to me on the phone to make sure I was there and did not go out of town or something.

How family-oriented he is. Also, he is very self-less and passionate about his career.

The guest list.

Looking for my wedding dress with my mom and planning the honeymoon afterwards.
Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part225-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance

I can’t believe I’m actually engaged because I said I would never get married

Coordinating outfits and picking special locations. I loved shooting downtown and in my home church where he proposed.
Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part21-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance

Well my two close friends (who are also my bridesmaids) already knew because he wanted them to be a witness to the engagement. And he posted the engagement on Instagram right after it happened so everyone was texting me congratulations. So I really did not get to personally tell anyone first.


All the time. I don’t think I’ve even really said fiancé more than a handful of times.

Images via Aneris Photography

Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part152-960x636 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part151-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part149-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part147-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part145-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part136-960x1100 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part131-960x636 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part122-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part19-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part15-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Sherard-Kristan_Causal_Part11-960x1408 Homegrown Charleston Romance Mt.-Zion-AME-Church-19-of-19-960x636 Homegrown Charleston Romance Mt.-Zion-AME-Church-14-of-19-960x710 Homegrown Charleston Romance Mt.-Zion-AME-Church-4-of-19-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part228-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part227-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part225-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part216-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part215-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part28-960x1572 Homegrown Charleston Romance Kristan-Sherard-_Casual-Chic_Part21-960x1450 Homegrown Charleston Romance

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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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