How to Celebrate Black Fathers With a Culturally Inspired Home

Quite a few people don’t think of men and design, but it’s important. Why? Our interior environment sets the mood for how we start and end the day and in today’s environment we need as much peace as we can get. There are several ways to give the gift of design to the dad in your life including lighting, art, and somewhere for him to kick up his feet. And I think the best gifts are the thoughtful gifts so I rounded up some of my tips with some of my go-to resources and fav products.

Credit: Rayon Richards

How to Celebrate Black Fathers With a Culturally Inspired Home

  1. For the reader dad: A table lamp is great for a nightstand or a reading nook for the guy who loves to read. The Amur Table Lamp is a great mix of masculine with a bold and artful form. Basically, a really dope lamp.
  2. For the dad who loves art or doesn’t know that he loves it yet: Art sets the tone and no space is complete without it. Whether it’s for his side of the bed or his man cave, you have options. And as an art lover, I couldn’t help but share more than a few:
  3. For the dad who likes to relax with his feet up, or that started to once COVID-19 happened: We all like to relax differently, something I work to discover while I’m working with a client. Does he have a favorite chair that just needs a foot stool (so he can keep his feet off the table)? Do you notice that he’s moving around in his chair trying to find a comfortable spot for his feet to be? The Moss Green Milo Ottoman is not an everyday ottoman, it has a leather handle and its shape makes it unforgettable.
  4. For the dad who loves a drink after a long day or loves to entertain his friends: As a Cabernet Sauvignon and bourbon lover myself, I appreciate a designated bar area. And nothing is more chic than having an area that makes you (or your guests) feel special.
  5. For the dad working from home: Ok, this is for everybody but especially for the dad who needs space to work all day and storage space for everything from his laptop to papers to pens. A proper and aesthetically pleasing desk becomes even more important when your office exists in your living room or bedroom. Create an area that feels separate to allow his mind to separate work from everything else.
  6. For the dad who loves music: There’s something very special about what music can do for the home. But there’s something even more special when you have an area that is dedicated for that musical moment, somewhere when you can play your own dad’s records, and of course it should look good. Imagine a record player on your TV cabinet, dining room sideboard, or in the home office.
  7. For the dad that knows he’s fly: Ok, who doesn’t love a man that loves wallpaper? That can appreciate walls that can be admired, that is unique, and that sets the stage for a room that he loves. A recent discovery, I love the Sineu wallpaper from Goodee .
  8. For the dad that collects: For the dad that appreciates vintage, then anything from Dressing Room Interiors will be a win. They have everything from vintage masks to chairs to coffee table books.
Credit: Rayon Richards

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