How to Decorate Your Home Like a Stationery Store

If there is one thing a Black Southern Belle loves, it is definitely stationery. From our childhood to adulthood, we are taught to use stationery for every occasion. A�Weekends are spent browsing through our favorite stationery store in person or through Instagram and we all dream of having that same style in our house. Today we will help you with that dream and are giving you tips onA�How to Decorate Your Home Like a Stationery Store with help from the founders at A�Sugar Paper.

The ladies at Sugar Paper have products in retailer all over the country and have a serious online cult following and know a thing or two about opening and designing a stationery store. A�a�?Having a decade of experience in retail, we designed this store to specifically highlight our product in a way that properly tells the Sugar Paper story,a�? said co-founder Jamie Grobecker. a�?While the flagship store will always hold a special place in our heart, this Newport Beach shop is certainly our dream Sugar Paper store.a�? With this in mind, they have given us A�a tour of their store and we got some serious inspiration for How to Decorate Your Home Like a Stationery Store.



1)Storage is Key

As you collect more and more items in a home, storage is key. Try to have a mix of storage that is open and covered to strike a balance between showing your favorite items and hiding the clutter.





2)Create a Vignette

When you go to a stationery store, you see tons of beautiful vignettes designed by color or style. Apply this approach to your home. If you prefer neutrals but want to bring in a little a color a small A�colorful and layered vignette of your favorite A�on your coffee table or bedroom dresser is a addition to any room.



3)Add Some Natural Elements

Every Southern home needs aA�floral arrangement, whether you gather your favorite flowers from your garden or local store, flowers area great way to restyle your home on a weekly basis. Also don’t be afraid to use a unique item to store your flowers such a favorite serving bowl or coffee mug.


4)Add a Fun Sign

A great way to add some personal flair to gathering space, a unique sign is an easy addition to your home decor and a monogram makes it even better. A�This is also an affordable way to revamp a room on a seasonal basis similar to how a stationery store restyles their visual displays.


Need more inspiration? Check out the full gallery of the Sugar Paper store below and get inspiration onA�How to Decorate Your Home Like a Stationery Store!















Michiel Perry

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