How To Host a Southern Vision Board Party

Staying motivated can be a hard task, especially when you are a busy Black Southern Belle always on the go. A vision board can be the answer to your prayers. A vision board is a craft that represents you- your goals, interests, anything you can imagine. The three main purposes for your vision board is to: 1)Identify goals, 2)Reminder of goals daily and 3)Stay true to the goals. Stay on task and dedicated to your goals by creating a vision board today. Don’t stop there, have a vision board party for you and your girlfriends.A�Black Southern Belles will love the creative ways we found to host the perfect southern vision board party. Vision boarding can help express your creativity and develop a path for progression. Check out How To Host a Southern Vision Board Party and start planning your own today!

So are you ready for the party tomorrow night? I just finished filming the Vision Board Party video for the Late Night Crafty Club and I am so excited for you to watch it. I build my 2017 Goals board step by step, and I also share my different formats of building vision pages in my planners (with sneak peeks of my Reset Your Life planner) and share my vision books, the most powerful tool I have used for weight loss/fitness. Yes, I get personal and share some of my private thoughts and ideas ...
The image above is a vision board that I found on Pinterest. It is someone’s personal goals for 2017. The vision board highlights a few main goals and lots of positive quotes and pictures.

Plan Ahead

The woman whoa��s made a career out of a�?visionA�boardsa��The woman whoa��s made a career out of a�?visionA�boardsa��The woman whoa��s made a career out of a�?visionA�boardsa��Image result for vision board party

When planning your southern vision board party make sure to think ahead. Decide who, what, when, where, and why before speaking the party up.

Make your guest list. The amount of people and who you invite willA�set the vibe of your party. 5-10 people is the perfect party that can remain intimate and not too rowdy.A�

Choose a theme.A�A party isn’t complete until a theme is laid out. In this instance, we are planning the perfect southern vision board party, but that doesn’t mean that you add a theme. Whether it be a tea party theme or a barn theme, your theme should speak to you and your guests.

Send out the invitations.A�The invitations don’t have to be physical. You can send out a group text with a beautiful picture, just get the word out. You can also make creative invitations for your guests that tie into your party theme. Invitations should give all the party details and request a RSVP. Feel free to ask guests to bring light snacks or supplies for the vision boards.

Preparation is Key

Image result for vision board party
Image x Oh So Chic

After you have everything planned out, it’s time for the preparation phase.

Request guests bring something.A�You might need as much supplies as possible, so feel free to request that your guests contribute something small to the party. Whether it be a snack or stack of magazines, the contribution will be a great addition.

Gather the supplies.A�GrabA�as many magazines, newspapers, quote printouts, pictures, and any creative content for the vision boards. It is important to choose content that is in line with your vision board. You don’t need a fisherman’s magazine for a BSB vision board party!A�Food is part of the supplies! Don’t forget to pick up snacks and drinks for your fellow southern belles.


Image x Love Brown Sugar

Set the atmosphere.A�Music is the right way to set any atmosphere. Create your playlist ahead of time and let the relaxing music play while you and your BSBs are cutting away. A bottle of wine is another great way to set the mood. Eat, drink, and chill… That’s what this party is for!

Open discussion.A�After the vision boards are done, open the discussion by discussing what your board means to you. Remember that the reason for your vision board party was to set goals that can be shared with your besties and create a support system to work towards them.





  1. July 6, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    This is great! I could do one for my punch bowl social!

    • Amiya Thomas
      July 7, 2017 / 2:41 pm

      Thank you Jamala! Make sure to let us know how it turns out if so.

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